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Front Page Journal Title Volume Editorial Board Date
Ciencia Vol 38 8297Editorial Board (2019).pdf December 2019
Ciencia (formerly WMSU Research Journal) Vol 37 8297Editorial Board (2018).pdf December 2018
WMSU Research Journal Vol 36 6397Editorial Board (2018).pdf December 2017
WMSU Research Journal Vol 35 9463EditorialBoardNew35.pdf December 2016
WMSU Research Journal Vol 34 5713EditorialBoard Vol 34.pdf December 2015
WMSU Research Journal Vol.32 No.2 5797EditorialBoard.pdf July-December 2013
WMSU Research Journal Vol.32 No.1 7709EditorialBoard.pdf January-June 2013
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Title: Ciencia
Volume: Vol 38
Editorial Board: 8297Editorial Board (2019).pdf
Date: December 2019
Title(s): Quantitative Description of the Scutellum of Rice Black Bugs in the Philippines using Landmark-based Geometric Morphometrics
Author(s): Melbert C. Sepe, Mark Anthony J. Torres, Ravindra C. Joshi and Cesar G. Demayo
Discipline: Evolutionary Biology
College: College of Science and Mathematics
Keyword(s): Geometric morphometrics, Procrustes superimposition, RBB, Relative warp, Scutellum, Thin-plate spline
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Title(s): On the Super-Riemann Integral in R: A Strong Kind of Riemann Integral
Author(s): Mark Anthony Bell R. Bacang and Greig Bates C. Flores
Discipline: Mathematics
College: College of Science and Mathematics
Keyword(s): Super-Riemann Integral, Cauchy Criterion, Change of Variable
No. of Downloads: 23
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