Initial Screening

The Managing Editor/Technical Associate for RUPID will select the research articles for journal publication based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the Research content
  • Adequacy of the methods
  • Significance and Applicability of findings
  • Originality of work
  • Technical appropriateness


Relevance of the Research Content. Research content is considered relevant if it is a sponsored/funded study, if it is within the thrusts of the academic communities, or if it has been accepted/presented in research meeting/forum.


Adequacy and efficiency of the Methods. The research work should have used research design that is adequate and efficient and should have shown innovativeness in the discipline where it belongs.


Significance and Applicability of Findings. The research findings should be significant; that is, they should contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the discipline. Moreover, the findings should have applicability – meaning, they produce innovation/s with direct relevance to the community, industry or profession.


Originality of the Work. The manuscript for publication should have a passing rate in the anti-plagiarism test specified by the anti-plagiarism software being used.


Technical Appropriateness. (IMRaD) All relevant sources should be properly acknowledged through the in-text documentation and inclusion in the References section. The sources should be arranged following preferably the APA style, 6th Edition (2010).



The author/s will be notified whether the manuscript submitted for publication is accepted or rejected during the initial screening.


Scoring system: The research manuscripts submitted for publication will be evaluated based on the criteria set forth by Ciencia. The referees/editors should indicate his/her decision using the following scoring system.







Accepted for publication without any revision/s


Accepted with minor revision/s


Accepted with major revision/s


Rejected with conditions for possible resubmission


Totally rejected; not publishable (Rejected without conditions for possible resubmission)



  1. If two referees reject the research article without conditions for possible resubmission, the article is deemed rejected.
  2. If the research article obtained a mean score of less than 2.0, the article is deemed rejected.
  3. If the research article garnered a mean score of 2.0 and above the authors will be advised to do the revisions following suggestions of the referee(s).


        The editor-in-chief/managing editor will transmit to the author/s the decision whether the manuscript is accepted or rejected, including the consolidated comments/suggestions of the referees/editors. In return, the authors are given 15 days to comply with the set of suggestions.

        The members of the Editorial Board will meet through tele-conferencing and actual scheduled editorial board meetings to decide for the final manuscripts to be included for publication.






        Ciencia requires authors of original research papers to apply for copyright protection through the Intellectual Property Unit (IPU) and assigned their rights to the university. Authors are encouraged to submit their version of the accepted, peer-reviewed manuscript to their funding body's archive, for public release six months after publication. In addition, authors are encouraged to archive their version of the manuscript in their institution's repositories (as well as on their personal web sites). 

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Title: Ciencia
Volume: 39
Editorial Board: EditorialBoard 2020.pdf
Date: December 2020
Title(s): iMAP: Location-based Mapping of WMSU Students through Geospatial Analysis using Geographic Information System
Author(s): Aida A. Escorial & John Ed Augustus A. Escorial
Discipline: Information Technology
College: Institute of Computer Studies
Keyword(s): Flood Vulnerability Mapping, Geographic Information System (GIS), Google Maps, Spatial Analysis, Multi-Criteria Assessment
No. of Downloads: 153
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Title(s): Growth and yield performance of aerobic rice varieties under varying nitrogen levels and drought imposed at critical growth stages
Author(s): Rictibert C. Pamunag
Discipline: Agricultural Technology
College: Department of Agriculture
Keyword(s): agricultural biotechnology, split-split-plot design, nitrogen levels, water stress, Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay
No. of Downloads: 77
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Title(s): Population estimate of the cave-dwelling bats Miniopterus schreibersii and Rhinolophus subrufus in Pader Cave, Barangay Victoria, Zamboanga City, Mindanao, Philippines
Author(s): Ephraim Clark D. Tose & Krystal Dianne R. Dapiton
Discipline: Ecology
College: College of Science and Mathematics
Keyword(s): roosting, insect bats, population estimate, Pader Cave, Zamboanga City
No. of Downloads: 111
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Title(s): Screening for Escherichia coli Contamination in Selected Beach Sands of Zamboanga City, Philippines
Author(s): Joel Gerone B. Larupay & Izar U. Laput
Discipline: Microbiology
College: College of Science and Mathematics
Keyword(s): microbiology, MPN value, Escherichia coli, Zamboanga City
No. of Downloads: 73
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Title(s): On Fuzzy γgb-Closed Sets in Fuzzy Topological Spaces
Author(s): Milani M. Udal & Venerando G. Tenio
Discipline: Topology
College: College of Science and Mathematics
Keyword(s): Fuzzy γ-open; Fuzzy γ-closed; Fuzzy γ-interior; Fuzzy γ-closure; Fuzzy γgb-open; Fuzzy γgb-closed; Fuzzy γgb-interior; Fuzzy γgb-closure
No. of Downloads: 61
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Title(s): On Fuzzy g*b-Closed Sets in Fuzzy Topological Spaces
Author(s): Venerando G. Tenio & Gilbert B. Cagaanan
Discipline: Topology
College: College of Science and Mathematics
Keyword(s): fuzzy g*b-closed Set, fuzzy g*b-irresolute functions, fuzzy g*b-continuous functions
No. of Downloads: 69
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Title(s): The Haruki-Rassias and Related Integral Representations of the Bernoulli and Euler Polynomials: An Exposition
Author(s): Crister Joy C. Dela Cruz & Mohammad Nur S. Paspasan
Discipline: Mathematics
College: College of Science and Mathematics
Keyword(s): mathematics, Haruki-Rassias, Bernoulli polynomials, Euler polynomials, Integral representations, exposition
No. of Downloads: 92
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Title(s): Acceptability Survey of Stevia Extract as Sugar Substitute for Coffee, Lemonade, and Pancake among Students and Faculty in Central Mindanao University, Bukidnon
Author(s): Elmer V. Galo
Discipline: Food Technology
College: College of Agriculture
Keyword(s): Stevia, acceptability, anti-diabetic, sweetness evaluation
No. of Downloads: 116
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Title(s): Avifauna in mangrove areas of selected barangays in Siocon, Zamboanga del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines
Author(s): Hulker F. Tomboc, Christine Mae D. Roullo & Clarito F. Concepcion
Discipline: Biodiversity
College: College of Science and Mathematics
Keyword(s): avifauna, biodiversity, point count method, Siocon, Zamboanga del Norte
No. of Downloads: 167
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Title(s): Water Quality Assessment in Barangay Santo Niño, Sibuco, Zamboanga Del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines
Author(s): Ernalyn Dabalos & Cecille C. Diamante
Discipline: Environmental studies
College: College of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Keyword(s): water quality, microbial analysis, MPN, Sibuco
No. of Downloads: 103
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