WM Research Consortium Places Second in Ugnay Award
September 4, 2006

The Western Mindanao Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research Development Consurtium (WESMARRDEC) placed second in the Ugnay Award
recently conducted by the Philippine Counsil for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (PICARRD) among the various regions’
performance for year 2005.

Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) President Dr. Eldigario Gonzales, who is concurrent chairman of the regional group, disclosed that WESMARRDEC garned”a highly commendable rating of 88.58%, which is the second highest rating among the 14 regional consortia”.

WESMARRDEC is an aggrupation of 15 government agencies and state universities and colleges that facilitates and disseminates research in agriculture,
forestry and natural resources through various means and strategies. it has seven working groups led by the Regional Research and Strategies and Development Coordinating Committee (RRDCC), which is chaired by Dr. Gonzales. the RRDDCC is the policy-making body of the consortium. Its secretariat is based in the WMSU, which is a member agency.

PCARRD Executive Director Patricio Faylon in a letter told Dr. Gonzales. “We wish to congratulate the WESMARRDEC leadership and member-agencies
for this remarkable accomplishment. WESMARRDEC in 2005 has performed exceedingly well in all major criteria, particularly in technology management/R&D utilization, capability building and governace, and R and D management”.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gonzales annouced that his office is now accepting applications for advanced research and/or university lecturing projects in the United States for
academic year 2007-2008 under program of the Phillipine-American Education Foundation (PAEF). Application must be recieved at the PAEF office on or before on or before October 13, this year.

“Eligible fields are those realted to Philippine literature and the arts, history, political and social sciences, economics, education, and environmental studies. Grants are awarded for a period of three to five months”, the announcement said.

“The award covers international travel, maintenance allowance, professional development allowance, a settling-in allowance, and limited medical insurance for the
succesful scholar”, it added. “A limited monthly allowance for one dependent, subject to the availability of funds, provide the dependent stays at least 80% of the
scholar’s grant duration in the United States”, the announcement said.

Application forms and detailed information are available at the Office of the President of WMSU. (Rey-Luis Banagudos/PAO-WMSU)