College of Architecture


  1. To educate and graduate architecture students who are not only highly knowledgeable, with competent skills in the arts and science of architecture 
  2. Encourage the student towards development of Filipino architecture ideology, 
  3. Equipped the students with democratic ideals and spiritual values attuned with the latest development in science and technology.
  4. Prepare the students for global competitiveness.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture Program Outcomes

  • Keep abreast of the developments in the field of architecture practice. (PQF level 6 descriptor)
  • Be able to effectively communicate orally and in writing using both English and Filipino
  • Be able to work effectively and independently in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams. (PQF level 6 descriptor)
  • Recognize professional, social, and ethical responsibility
  • Create architectural solutions by applying knowledge in history, theory, planning, building technology and utilities, structural concepts and professional practice. (Design, BT, UT, PP, ES/AS, HOA/TOA, PLN)
  • Use concepts and principles from specialized fields and allied disciplines into various architectural problems. (LA, IA, HC, PLN, EMP, BU 1-2-3, ES/AS, TOA)
  • Be able to prepare contract documents, technical reports and other legal documents used in architectural practice adhering to applicable laws, standards and regulations. (DES, PP 1-2-3, BT 3, BT 1-2-3-4-5, HSNG,PLN, ENG3, )
  • Interpret and apply relevant laws, codes, charters and standards of architecture and the built environment. (DES, BT 1,HSNG, BU 1-2-3, PLN)
  • Apply research methods to address architectural problems. (RMA, ENG 3)
  • Use various information and communication technology (ICT) media for architectural solutions, presentation, and techniques in design and construction. (VT 1-2-3, CADD 1-2)
  • Acquire entrepreneurial and business acumen relevant to architecture practice. (PP3, Project Management (basic knowledge on feasibility, economics/finance, social component, design, construction), PP4 – how to sustain an architectural practice; single proprietorship, partnership, corporate practice, PCN,)
  • Be involved in the management of the construction works and building administration. (PP, BT, BU, Const. Mgmt., ES/AS)