College of Public Administration and Development Studies


In light of WMSU’s vision and mission, the College of Public Administration and Development Studies (CPADS) aims to:

  1. In addition to its current degree programs, offer such other relevant curricular offerings as may become necessary to the needs or demands of the region and the country;
  1. Establish and strengthen linkages with other training and research institutions also committed to the improvement of public governance and to operationalize such relationship through joint programs and other endeavors;
  1. Continuously conduct environmental scanning and analysis of current and emerging socio-economic and political situations, to anticipate societal problems, issues and challenges, and inform accordingly authorities and/ or concerned institutions about it;
  1. Undertake publication of journals, bulletins, occasional papers, books and other materials on public administration and general management; and
  1. Establish and maintain a well-stocked modern professional library and develop and information and databank relative to the country’s public administration and socio-economic and political situation.

Bachelor of Public Administration (CMO 06, s. 2010)

Program Outcomes:

The BPA program intends to produce graduates for administrative, technical and staff positions in the public sector, including the foreign service, civil society organizations, and the like. It can serve as a good preparation for further studies in the graduate school or college of law. Graduates may also pursue executive and policy-making positions in government, whether in elective or appointive capacity. 

Master of Public Administration (CMO 15, s. 2019)

Program Outcomes:

Attuned with WMSU’s vision and mission and the College’s goals, the MPA Program intends to:

  1. Prepare and develop qualified personnel for public service and improve those who are already in it;
  2. Organize an information and databank on public administration and make it readily available to all who may have a need for it;
  3. Undertake research program and studies for the advancement of knowledge in public administration.
  4. Undertake a continuing program of executive development designed for officials in the different branches, subdivisions and instrumentalities of government; and 
  5. Arouse widespread interest, concern and support for the improvement of  public administration in the Philippines.