Academic Deans

Dr. Kamarodin A. Abdulkarim
Dean, College of Asian and Islamic Studies

Asso. Prof. Hashim N. Alawi
OIC – Dean, College of Nursing

Engr. Raul T. Alburo
Dean, College of Engineering

Dr. Ernesto D. Florendo
Dean, College of Medicine

Dr. Roderick Go
Dean, College of Computing Studies

Dr. Byron B. Go Silk
External Studies Unit

Dr. Mario Ritchie O. Hibionada
Dean, College of Criminology

Dr. Almudi G. Lukman
Dean, College of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Atty. Jules Christian D. Marcos
Dean, College of Law

Dr. Mohammad Nur S. Paspasan
Acting Dean, College of Science and Mathematics

Dr. Ricardo A. Somblingo
Dean, College of Teacher Education

Dr. Elderico P. Tabal
Dean, College of Agriculture

Dr. Jocelyn T. Gaas
Dean, College of Social Work & Community Development

Dr. Ma. Blancaflor R. Jimeno

Dr. Maria Socorro Yvonne H. Ramos
Coordinating Dean, Graduate School

Arch. Ruby Alita A. Sahi
OIC – Dean, College of Architecture

Dr. Lucia M. Santos
Dean, College of Home Economics

Dr. Julieta B. Tendero
Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Sarah S. Taupan
OIC – Dean CPADS on concurrent Director, Quality Assurance Center Office Chair of the ISA

Associate Dean

Asso. Prof. Roel P. Borja
College of Liberal Arts

Mr. Lee Patrick V. Brown
College of Home Economics

Asso. Prof. Ricardo Danilo E. Coretza
College of Sports Science and Physical Education

Asso. Prof Kent Adnil C. Lao
College of Teacher Education

Engr. Odon A. Maravillas Jr.
College of Computing Studies

Asso. Prof. Anthony O. Pil
OIC – Associate Dean of the External Studies Unit (ESU)

Engr. Rudito Jose Electron Y. Tabacug
College of Engineering

Asst. Prof. Sophia L. Bensali
College of Science and Mathematics

Asst. Prof. Jannet R. Francisco
College of Social Work and Community Development

Asso. Prof. Gladess A. Pagal
College of Agriculture

 External Studies Units


Prof. Nicasio F. Gonzales
OIC- Campus Administrator, WMSU Curuan Campus

Dr. Ariel Macailing
OIC-Campus Coordinator, WMSU Imelda

Mr. Myco Leo B. Pacamalan
OIC-Campus Coordinator, WMSU Siay

Mr. Reymond G. Paragas
OIC-Campus Coordinator, WMSU Naga

Mr. Noel V. Pugosa
OIC-Campus Coordinator, WMSU Molave

Mr. Nerio P. Sacro
OIC-Campus Coordinator, WMSU Aurora

Dr. Carmela Go Silk
OIC-Campus Coordinator, WMSU Diplahan

Ms. Lolita R. Lacao-Lacao
OIC-Campus Coordinator, WMSU Olutanga

Asst. Prof. Erjorie Laguna
OIC-Campus Coordinator, WMSU Malangas

Ms. Felwyn Lovely R. Natividad
OIC-Campus Coordinator, WMSU Ipil

Ms. Michelle S. Paderan
OIC-Campus Coordinator, WMSU Mabuhay

Ms. Criselda D. Ricohermoso
OIC-Campus Coordinator, WMSU Pagadian

Ms. Nosca Bonna Ar D. Taasin
OIC-Campus Coordinator, WMSU Tungawan

Ms. Abigail Villamor
OIC-Campus Coordinator, WMSU Alicia