Administrative Officials



Dr. Ma. Carla A. Ochotorena
University President


Vice President

Dr. Nursia M. Barjose
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Joel G. Fernando
Vice President for Research Extension Services & External Linkages

Dr. Joselito D. Madroñal
Vice President for Administration and Finance

Dr. Fredelino M. San Juan
OIC Vice President for Resource Generation


Office of the President Staff

Dr. Berhana I. Flores
Chief of Staff, Office of the President

Asst. Prof. Darlyn P. Flores
Special Assistant to the President

Mr. Aldrin S. Valerio
Special Assistant to the President


Universirty and Board Secretary

Asso. Prof. Al-Ghani D. Mohammad
Univ. and Board Secretary concurrent capacity as OIC-Director of Special Programs and Projects Office


Dr. Ma. Nora D. Lai
Director of the Alumni Relations Office

Mr. Crisanto V. Cipriano 
OIC-Director, University Sports Program

Prof. Eleanor A. Comeros
Dean of Student Affairs

Prof. Roderick P. Go
Director of the Institute of Computer Studies

Engr. Ferdinand S. Guardo, Menged
Director, Management Information Systems & Technology Office

Asst. Prof. Al-Rashid T. Jama
Director, University Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office

Dr. Mario R. Obra, Jr.
Director, Quality Management Office, International Relations Office & External Linkages

Mr. Mark L. Flores
Director, Data Protection and IT Security Officer

Dr. Reynante E. Autida
Director for Research Development & Evaluation Center

Asso. Prof. Claro R. Potenciano, Jr.
Director, Department of Extension Services and Community Development Livelihood and Technical Skills Training Development

Engr. Hernan N. Rosaldo
OIC-Director, Department of Extension Services and Community Development

Dr. Ricardo A. Somblingo
OIC-Director, Testing and Evaluation Center

Asst. Prof. Bernard Q. Suriaga
OIC-Director, University Center for Local Governance

Arch. Joseph Andrew L. Sahial
Director, Physical Plant concurrent capacity as the the University Architect

Dr. Marilou C. Elago
Director, Office of the Univ. Biosafety and Biosecurity Committee

Dr. Almira G. Nochefranca
Director, Office of the Culture and the Arts

Ms. Rosalie T. Arcillas
Director, Finance

Dr. Fuvie R. Bayot
Director, Distance Education

Dr. Fini Joy P. Buenafe
Director, Guidance & Counseling Center

Prof. Julie U. Cabato
Director, Language Development Resource Center

Asso. Prof. Nerlyne C. Concepcion
Director, Career and Job Placement Center

Asst. Prof. Ludivina B. Dekit 
Director, Peace & Human Security Institute

Dr. Vicenta T. Escobar
Director for Admissions

Dr. Mariam Z. Julkarnain
Director, Gender Research & Resource Center

Asso. Prof. Glory Jean G. Leonin
OIC-Director, Scholarship Office

Dr. Araceli A. Lim
Director, Regional Science Teaching Center

Dr. Claire A. Madrazo
Director, Center for Continuing Education

Dr. Leonilo B. Abella

Dr. Aubrey F. Reyes
Director, Sentro ng Wika at Kultura

Mrs. Ma. Teresita J. Rodriguez
Director for Administration

Dr. Sarah S. Taupan
Director, Quality Assurance Office

Dr. Lea E. Usman
Public Affairs Office

Dr. Roberto M. Sala
Director of WMSU – Affiliated Renewable Energy Center (AREC)

Asso. Prof. Maria Dolores J. Macrohon
Director, Office of Auxiliary Services

Ms. Girlie C. Tangalin
Director National Service Training Program Office

Campus Administrator

Prof. Nicasio F. Gonzales
OIC – Campus Adm. of WMSU Curuan – External Studies Unit

Integrated Laboratory School Principals & Asst. Principals

Dr. Riah Barcelona
Principal. ILS -High School

Dr. Anna Louisa R. Perez
Principal, ILS- Elementary

Assistant & Associate Directors | Assistant Chairpersons | Special Assistants

Mr. Bon Evan S. Cuadra
Asst. Director, University Biorisk Management Office

Dr. Richard C. Dagalea
Asst. Director, Public Affairs Office

Engr. Marlon C. Grande
Asst. Director of Peace and Human Security Institute

Engr. Swidin S. Husin
Associate Director of the Research Development and Evaluation Center

Dr. Elmer M. Labad
Asst. Director, Gender Research and Resource Center (GRRC)

Asso. Prof. Reynaldo R. Macaso
Asst. Director of the scholarship Office

Asso. Prof. Vinchall A. Siason
Asst. Director of the Quality Assurance Office

Mr. Salimar R. Tahil
Asst. Director of the Management Information System and Technology Office

Mr. Keynard L. Ponce
Asst. to the Director of Center for Continuing Education (CCE)

Asst. Prof. Sophia L. Bensali
Asst. to the Director of Center for Science Teching and Training

Asst. Prof. Mary Grace M. Bunol
Asst. Director of the Testing and Evaluation Center

Dr. Dulce Amor P. Matondo
Assistant to the VPRESEL

Technical Assistant | Technical Associates

Mr. Edwin I. Arip
Tech. Associate (BS Com Sci)

Engr. Ahmedzam S. Nasaluddin
Tech. Associate Under the Office of the President, for the infrastructure Project concurrent capacity as Technical Working group of the BIDS and Awards Committee

Mr. Victor Ryan H. Tangalin
Technical Associate, Center for Hands of Goodwill

Asso. Prof. Ryan B. Cabangcala
Technical Associate to the Vice President for Research Extension Services and External Linkages

Asso. Prof. Abigail F. Antonio
Technical Associate to the Vice President for Academic Affairs

Asst. Prof. Ruzzel L. Nazario
Technical Associate for Teacher Education Programs in the External Studies

Dr. Johana J. Abdula
Tech. Asso. for the External Studies Unit – BS Crim. Program

Dr. Melanie A. Turco
Technical Associate to the Vice President for Administration and Finance


Dr. Fredelino M. San Juan
Chair Bids and Award Committee

Engr. Ricardo B. Gonzales
Chair of the Tech. Inspection Committee

Mr. Cristian G. Dumdum
Chief, Internal Auditor of the Internal Audit Office

Dr. Ruperto D. Mendoza, Jr.
Chair, University Review and Evaluation Committee

Dr. Shamir R. Kassim
Chair, University Curriculum

Dr. Analyn D. Saavedra
Chair, Research Ethics Oversight Committee (REOC)


Engr. Antonio Angelo J. Limbaga

Dr. Fredelino M. San Juan
OIC University Press

Asso. Prof. Joselity R. Custodio
Marketing Service Manager

Ms. Sarah C. Sapalo
University Innovation & Tech. Support Office

Mr. Angelito B. Noynay
Manager of the Garment Shop0.

Coordinator | Office Head

Dr. Ericson O. Alieto
Coordinator, Research Utilization Publication Information Dissemination

Mr. Mario A. Garan
Campus Coordinator, College of Agriculture

Mr. Rey Ralph H. Virtucio
Asst. KMC Coordinator, WESMAARRDEC

Mr. Julito B. Bande
OIC – Campus Coordinator Alicia

Mr. Ariel . Macailing
OIC – Campus Coordinator Imelda

Mr. Myco leo B. Pacamalan
OIC – Campus Coordinator Siay

Mr. Noel V. Pugosa
OIC – Campus Coordinator of Molave

Ms. Dianamar Falcasantos
OIC – Campus Coordinator of Aurora

Ms. Gilda B. Gose
OIC – Campus Coordinator of IPIL and NAGA

Dr. Carmela J. Go Silk
OIC – Campus Coordinator Diplahan

Ms. Lolita R. Lacao-Lacao
OIC – Campus Coordinator Olutanga

Ms. Ma. Gina I. Del Castillo
OIC – Campus Coordinator of Malangas

Ms. Divine Grace M. Marumas
Coordinator  Instructional Support & Materials Production (ISMP)

Ms. Michelle S. Paderan
OIC – Campus Coordinator of Mabuhay

Ms. Criselda D. Ricohermoso
OIC – Campus Coordinator of Pagadian

Ms. Nosca Bonna Ar D. Taasin
OIC – Campus Coordinator of Tungawan

Section Chief

Mr. Eric H. Alfaro
University Registrar

Mr. John Paul S. Alvarez
Budget Officer III

Dr. Benhur A. Asid
University Librarian

Mr. Erlando G. Coros
Chief Security Services

Engr. Edgar A. Demayo
Engineer III

Engr. Ricardo B. Gonzales
University Electrical Engineer on concurrent Chairman of the Inspection Committee

Mr. Johnmar A. Jaipuddin
University Accountant

Mr. Danny G. Javier
Head, Motorpool

Mr. Alfredo D. Montero
Supply Officer III

Mr. Ariel R. Perez
Labor General ForemanAtty. Roberto Rivero III
Legal Officer

Engr. Oscar Sicat
Planning Office

Ms. Lallaine Anne. L. Mariano
Cashier III

Mrs. Elvira Lubaton
Human Resource Management Officer III

Mrs. Erlinda C. Macaso
Records Officer III

Ms. Darea Jonnah B. Soliterio
APA, President

Mrs. Carolina E. Tejero
Supply Officer II (Property Management Office)

Other Services

Ms. Rosalie E. Sharif
University Theatre Guild Moderator

Mr. Anthony B. Barandino
Coordinator, Visual Arts

Mr. Nathaniel G. Saavedra
Moderator, Jambangan Dance Troupe

Arch. Joseph Andrew L. Sahial
University Project Management Officer

Dr. Jeremiah D. Calisang
Moderator, WMSU Grand Chorale

Mr. Gibson B. Adjarani
Moderator, Ensemble


Commission on Audit (COA)

Mr. Orlando T. Lavista
State Auditor IV | Team Leader