Dr. Chona Q. Sarmiento is OIC VP RESEL
May 25, 2016

Overwhelmed yet challenged Dr. Chona Q. Sarmiento faces tasks of enriching and upgrading research, extension and external linkages, as newly appointed Officer-in-Charge of the Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension Services and External Linkages (RESEL) of the Western Mindanao State University. Following the retirement of Dr. Roberto B. Torres as the VP for RESEL last May 13, 2016, University President Dr. Milabel E. Ho appoints Dr. Sarmiento as VP-RESEL OIC taking effect on the same date.

Equipped with ample experience earned in the vast field of research programs and studies, Dr. Sarmiento aims to produce more major final outputs for RESEL in the end of the year “looking at the big cluster of units under RESEL, I have to look into the major final outputs for research, extension and the external linkages because it is always the outcomes and accomplished outputs that the University should be workin g on,” says Dr. Sarmiento. She also foresees the alignment of the different units under the office to be ISO 9001; 2016 accredited. “The whole RESEL unit should pass the ISO 9001 series of 2016 which means the Office should be able to define standards and goals and identify ways on how to reach the University Standard Level 5 (five),” she added. According to her, in order to meet the requirements for the leveling, researches produced by the University should meet the terms of university standard, in terms of extension services; the outputs should greatly improve the lives of the people in the community since they are the first clients who give feedback. They are the end users of the research outputs. And as for the external linkages, the University should align itself towards the ASEAN Integration 2015-2016. But in order to meet the University set standards for leveling, RESEL should work hand in hand with the academic and the research community. Taking the position as the Director for Research Development and Evaluation Center is Dr. Reynante Autida, former RDEC Associate Director.

In the meantime, Dr. Sarmiento aims to get all the units under RESEL to define their targets at the end of the academic year and identify the milestone of its targets.

Soon, she sees the WMSU RESEL community expanding and defining the road map towards excellence as the University of choice in this part of the region.