EPIC A.Y. 2015-2016 concludes with 835 finishers
July 26, 2016

835 finishers proudly marched down the aisle during the 6th culminating activity of the English Proficiency for International Competencies held on April 1, 2016 at the Dr. Juanito Bruno Gymnasium of the Western Mindanao State University.

These finishers have satisfactorily completed the required number of units required by the language development course of the Language Development Resource Center (LDRC) under the supervision of Prof. Julie Uy-Cabato, director.
In welcoming University Officials, honored guests and EPIC finishers in this year’s culminating program, LDRC Director emphasized the privileges of being linguistically articulated and of those who undergone English Proficiency courses. “We want to produce graduates who are not only technically competent, culturally privileged but are definitely linguistically literate,” says LDRC Director.

LDRC also recognized 13 students who exemplify excellence all throughout the language proficiency program, they are:

Rank 1- Nicole Kate F. Romero, Careema A. Abdulajid,
Rank 2- Cherrie-Ann C. Alabastro, Gia May A. Salarda, Paul Bryan Q. Fabella,
Rank 3- Shamira Fat S. Said, Bernadette B. Julian, Leigh Sheen B. Bernardo, Hermielisa B. Guiroy, Aizon L. Susulan,
Rank 4- Rosette UC Kung Bartolome, Karl Daverick D. Delgado, Christian Joe M. Santander

These top performing students were awarded with a Certificate of Recognition. Finishers were awarded with a Certificate of Completion. University President Dr. Milabel Enriquez-Ho led the distribution of certificates and the awarding of token to the honorable Guest Speaker, the Executive Assistant to the Office of the City Mayor, Mr. Michael Angelo S. Saavedra.

Aside from the English Proficiency course, LDRC also offers short course foreign languages including Bahasa Malay and Spanish.