Looking for Two Additional Computer Programmer Under Contract Of Service as Technical Support
April 5, 2022

Looking for two additional Computer Programmer to add to the current Software/Technical Support team for the implementation of the following:

  • Accounting System - as designated programmer to develop the program for the accounting office.
  • Budget & Finance System – as designated programmer to develop the program for the Budget & Finance office.


  • Research existing systems and make appropriate recommendation for maintenance
  • Conduct requirements analysis and definition
  • Providing appropriate internal documentation such as system and program design and producing manuals whether online or print for the use of such system.
  • Implement the program design as approved by lead System Administrator and by adhering to accept Software engineering standards and practices
  • Conduct appropriate testing on systems to ensure that they operate reliably
  • To provide appropriate user training
  • Provide technical support on the use of the university‚Äôs information systems as well as other technology resources
  • Perform regular and preventive maintenance on existing system.
  • To travel to the External Studies Unit Campuses or other destination that will require their technical services related to their current responsibilities Official business for the successful.
  • Implementation of e-Enrolment.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the system development team head, system or database administrator, or MISTO Director