RUPID hosts Seminar-Workshop on Research Publication for CHE faculty
September 19, 2023
The Research Utilization, Publication and Information Dissemination (RUPID) conducted a highly informative and engaging three-day In-House Seminar-Workshop, held from June 20 to June 22, 2023, with a focus on research publication. The event featured esteemed resource speakers from RUPID who provided valuable insights and guidance to CHE faculty participants.Dr. Ericson O. Alieto, RUPID coordinator and a distinguished expert in research publication, took the stage on the first day of the seminar. Dr. Alieto’s session was dedicated to teaching attendees how to repackage research into a publishable format. He also delved into the critical topic of identifying indexed journals for publication. His presentation was well-received by the eager audience, as it shed light on the often complex world of research dissemination.

Mr. Izar U. Laput, Education Research Assistant I, continued the enlightening journey on the first day. Mr. Laput’s session focused on interpreting similarity indices and addressing the issue of plagiarism. He emphasized the importance of distinguishing between similarity and plagiarism, equipping participants with the knowledge needed to maintain research integrity.

The second day of the seminar-workshop saw Ms. Bernadeth A. Encarnacion, Technical Associate, taking the stage to discuss the art of writing effective abstracts and the significance of being cited in the research community. Ms. Encarnacion’s session provided practical insights on crafting compelling abstracts that capture the essence of research, a crucial skill for any aspiring author.

On the third and final day of the seminar-workshop, the CHE faculty participants actively applied the knowledge gained from the previous days. Under the expert supervision and guidance of the RUPID Management team, they successfully crafted and submitted a total of six research outputs to an identified indexed conference for presentation and potential publication.

Dr. Lucia M. Santos, CHE Dean, expressed her satisfaction with the event, highlighting the invaluable contribution of the resource speakers and the dedication of the participants. She emphasized the importance of such initiatives in advancing the research capabilities of the College of Home Economics.

The CHE’s commitment to fostering a culture of research excellence was evident throughout the seminar-workshop, and the institution looks forward to seeing the fruits of this collaborative effort in the form of published research that will benefit both the academic community and society at large.