October 26, 2015

The Centro De Cultura Y Estudio Chabacano (CCEC) of the Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) in cooperation with the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA) will host the “Segunda Conferencia Nacional del Lenguaje Chabacano” with the theme “Lenguaje Chabacano y Cultura: Ta Revisita” on October 28-29, 2015 at the Social Hall of the College of Teacher Education of the said university.

The CCEC is under the Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension Services and External Linkages (RESEL) of Dr. Roberto B. Torres and is managed by its Director, Melanie F. Lear with Mr. Mario Mark B. Selisana as the center’s Chabacano linkage coordinator. It functions as a special clearing house in-charge of collecting, organizing, disseminating and preserving local study materials; responsible for conducting, publishing and promoting local historical researches; in-charge of promoting historical events; establish and sustain linkages and networking with other centers, historical bodies, and government bodies both local, national, and abroad. It has its own Technical Working Group (TWG) composed of Chabacano writers, artists, researchers and advocates of the language from the different sectors of the city who serve on volunteer capacity. Its Executive Board is headed by the University President, Dr. Milabel Enriquez-Ho.

The conference will be graced by no less than the President of the Philippine Historical Association, Local History Committee Network (NHCP), and the Association of Studies Centers in the Philippines (KABANSA) and also the current Vice-President of the Cavite Historical Society, Dr. Emmanuel Franco Calairo.

The conference will focus mainly on presentations regarding Chabacano language and culture. The objectives are the following: (1) Convini todo el maga experto, entusiastico y prominente gente na un conferencia para obtene claridad con el propio lenguaje de Chabacano; (2) Forma y obtene guia permanente para sirvi como base de consideracion na propio usada y conversada del lenguaje Chabacano; (3) Promocion y omenta el conocimiento y apreciacion de lenguaje y cultura Chabacano.

The target participants will include researchers, academicians, cultural and language advocates and enthusiasts from the different HEIs in the country.