Seventy Students Enjoying Scholarships in Agriculture
August 29, 2005

WMSU president, Dr. Eldigario D. Gonzales had approved 100 slots Scholarship to qualified applicants enrolled in any of the courses offered at WMSU-College of Agriculture since the start of the first semester of school year 2004-2005. There were 53 slots occupied in the first semester and 47 in the second semester of last school year. For this first semester of 2005-2006 there are 70 scholars occupying the said Scholarship Grant. There are 7 students from the BS Agri-Engineering; 9 from the BSA I; 11 students from the BSAB I and 5 from the DAT I. Likewise, 18 students from the Sophomore; 8 are Juniors and 12 are Seniors enjoying the same privileges. For a student to qualify such Scholarship, his GPA should be 80% or above for high school graduate or 2.5 or above for college student. He should also pass the College Entrance Test (CET) with a rating of 40% or above. Must be an indigent student whose parents’ annual income is 60,000.00 pesos or below. The benefits that the students can enjoy are: free tuition fees, miscellaneous fees, such as library, athletic, medical and dental, and with 500.00 pesos monthly stipend. For the information of those interested to avail of such opportunity there are still 30 slots available for new applicants next school year.

There are other scholarship grants enjoyed by some students of the WMSU-College of Agriculture as also being enjoyed by main capus students. But for the 100 slots, it is only given to enrollees of the College of Agriculture because Dr. Gonzales wants to have more Agriculturists to serve the country and help alleviate the economic condition and improve the poverty line of our people particularly in Region IX. (Jovita M. Mojares / In-House Press Coordinator / College of Agriculture / PAO / WMSU)