WMSU Conducts 2nd Cycle ISO 9001:2015 Internal Audit
September 19, 2023
The Western Mindanao State University recently completed its ISO 9001:2015 Internal Audit for the 2nd Cycle of the Academic Year 2022-2023 held from June 5-7, 2023. The objective of the audit was to verify the performance of the Quality Management Systems of the university and to check for the status of non-conformities.
The educational and support processes of the university in the provision and development of Tertiary and Advance Higher Education Services, Research and Extension and Support Services for fifteen colleges was the scope of the audit. The colleges that underwent audit were Architecture, Agriculture, Asian and Islamic Studies, College of Computing Studies, Criminal Justice Education, Forestry and Environmental Studies, Liberal Arts, Public Administration and Development Studies, Social Work and Community Development, Sports Science and Physical Education, College of Education, College of Engineering, College of Home Economics, College of Science and Mathematics, and College of Nursing.
The Internal Audit commenced with an Opening Meeting at the WMSU Social Hall on June 5, 2023. Dr. Mario R. Obra, Jr., Director for Quality Management Office and Concurrent Director of International Relations Office & External Linkages gave the Welcome Remarks. He emphasized the significance of the Internal Quality Audit and how it can assess the effectiveness and adequacy of the quality management system and the University’s overall performance while ensuring the delivery of quality services to internal and external clients.
In her Opening Remarks, Dr. Nursia M. Barjose, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, stressed that ISO accreditation ensures that processes meet the highest standards and leads to significant benefits for students and the University as a whole, eventually propelling WMSU to greater heights.
Dr. Joselito D. Madroñal, Vice-President for Administration and Finance, stated his belief that the pursuit of excellence continues until the pinnacle of success is reached. He extended his gratitude to the IQA team and Dr. Obra for their dedication and commitment to achieving excellence.
The audit’s rationale was extensively discussed by Dr. Mely Jane D.S. Jacinto, IQA Chair. She introduced the IQA team for this cycle and presented the guides and support staff involved in the audit process.
The IQA Team is composed of the following: Dr. Mely Jane D.S. Jacinto, Ms. Ere Lee Q. Salang, Engr. Aylene R. Ingkoh, Dr. Carl Richard C. Dagalea, Asso. Prof. Herne B. Esguerra, Mr. Bryan B. Marcial, Engr. Marlon C. Grande, Dr. Aida A. Escorial, Ms. Darea Jonnah B. Siloterio, Dr. Janet S. Deleña and Dr. Lea E. Usman. The guides were Ms. Liezel Parreño, Mr. Abdul Aziz U. Salim, Mr. Robert Tarona, Jr., Mr. Manuel Luis Sunga and Mr. Ronald Cemine. The other support staff are Ms. Catherine R. Cabanlit, Communication Protocol Officer and Mr. Michael P. Tuse, Technical Staff.
The Internal Audit concluded with a Closing Program on June 7, 2023 where the audit findings including Non-Conformities and Opportunities for Improvement were presented by the IQA Team.
Dr. Mario R. Obra, Jr. discussed common findings discovered during the audit. He emphasized the importance of standardized and controlled documented information. He also highlighted the significance of effectively measuring, monitoring, analyzing, and evaluating processes. For future audits, he would like to include specific clauses: Clause 4 which addresses internal and external issues and risks affecting the University’s approach to its services, Clause 5 which specifies leadership and commitment for the quality management system, and Clause 7.2 which determines the competency requirements of employees.
Dr. Lea E. Usman provided the Closing Remarks, expressing delight with the outcome of the internal audit. She encouraged all auditees to embrace ISO standards for the continuous improvement of WMSU.
The University will have its ISO External Audit on August 2-4, 2023.