WMSU partners with UP to equip educators in fighting digital misinformation
September 19, 2023
The University of the Philippines Center for Integrative Development Studies Education Research Program (UP CIDS-ERP) invited Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) to collaborate in equipping educators with the tools to combat the rising tide of misinformation in the digital age. On August 26, 2023, WMSU took a bold step in accepting the invitation and hosted a dynamic capacity-building workshop centered on civic online reasoning aimed at empowering basic education teachers.The workshop, held at the WMSU Social Hall, was expertly facilitated by the UP CIDS-ERP. Their Co-convenor Dr. Lorina Y. Calingasan and Senior Research Associate Junette Fatima D. Gonzales led the engaging sessions as resource speakers.

In an era marked by the proliferation of internet usage and the widespread adoption of social media in the Philippines, the issue of fabricated and harmful information being disseminated online has become an ever-growing concern. The workshop recognized that mis/disinformation, often employed to further political agendas and commercial interests, has necessitated the enhancement of critical online reasoning skills among internet users.

Drawing from the online civic reasoning curriculum developed by the Stanford History Education Group, the workshop offered a comprehensive range of strategies and activities designed to empower participants in identifying and countering fake news and deceptive content online. Attendees were exposed to evidence-based methodologies that shed light on effectively tackling the pervasive problem of disinformation.

One of the workshop’s primary objectives was to disseminate these evidence-based methods beyond the event itself, reaching a broader spectrum of communities and academic institutions. By training educators, who serve as influential figures within their communities, the initiative aimed to create a ripple effect that would extend the benefits of enhanced civic online reasoning to a wider audience.

The collaborative efforts of WMSU and the UP CIDS-ERP underscore a proactive stance in addressing the challenges posed by the digital age. With education at the forefront of this initiative, the workshop stands as a testament to the commitment of these institutions to fostering a generation of critical thinkers who can navigate the complex landscape of online information with discernment and precision.

As the Philippines continues to grapple with the evolving landscape of online information, this workshop represents a significant stride towards a more informed and digitally literate society. By investing in the development of civic online reasoning skills, educators are championing a brighter, more discerning future for the nation. (LMP, WMSU-PAO)


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