WMSU Personnel Attend GAD Training
May 31, 2013
The different WMSU personnel who attended the GAD training held at Budgetel Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City.

The different WMSU personnel who attended the GAD training held at Budgetel Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City.

With the objective to develop gender awareness and sensitivity among WMSU administrative personnel and assist in fostering gender-fair work environment, a Training on Gender and Development (GAD) and Team Building Activities were held last April 21 to 23 at Budgetel Hotel, Corrales Extension, Cagayan de Oro City.

The three-day seminar was sponsored by the WMSU Gender Research and Resource Center (GRRC) thru the Office of the VP for Research, Extension and Development, in coordination with the WMSU Administrative Personnel Association (APA). 44 WMSU personnel participated during the said seminar.

WMSU-GRRC’s objectives for the training aims to (a) increase sensitivity to a broad range of gender issues at personal, interpersonal, institutional and community levels; (b) develop an understanding of basic concepts and approaches for analyzing roles, relationships, and situations from gender perspective; (c) improve skills in analyzing and managing gender-related roles, relationships and situations; (d) build strong camaraderie and cooperation among co-employees in the execution of roles and functions in the working place; and lastly (e) visit other institutions for learning, appreciation and possible replication of their best GAD practices.

One of the interactive activities of the training.

One of the interactive activities of the training.

The training covered several topics centered on inculcating awareness and sensitivity in the minds of the participants. Some of the lectures during Day 1 of the training were: Workshop & Lecturette: Differences Between Male and Female by Prof. Rosemay A. Rubio; Lecturette: Interrogation of Sex, Sexuality and Gender by Darlane A. Sabellano; Lecturette: Filipino Masculinity by Mr. Kent Adnil Lao; and Lecturette: What is GAD? by Prof. Rosalyn Romo-Echem.

Day 2 of the training featured the following lectures and activities: Lecturette: Wo- Men Empowerment given by Prof. Rosalyn Romo-Echem; Team Building: “Gender and Leadership” facilitated by Prof. Rubio; Workshop-Lecturette: Creating a Gender-Sensitive Home and Parenting Skills by Darlane A. Sabellano; Team Building Sessions: “Envisioning A Gender Sensitive Working Place” which was facilitated by Prof. Lao.

On Day 3, individual group presentations of GAD Practices were held with Prof. Lao and Prof. Rubio as facilitators.

Furthermore, activities conducted aimed to inform the participants of the latest policy directives and issuances regarding mainstreaming gender in the work place. It was also expected of the participants to be advocates themselves to eliminate all forms of discriminations and abuses against women.

The event concluded with a closing ceremony and distribution of training certificates. GRRC is under the supervision and leadership of Prof. Rosalyn Romo-Echem. (EKEENA O. LIM, WMSU-PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE)