20 WMSU Profs Get PASUC Accreditation
May 26, 2010

The Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) recently confirmed the accreditation of all 20 professors of the Western Mindanao State University who applied for accreditation under the 3rd cycle implementation of National Budget Circular No. 461 (NBC 461). This was learned in an interview with Dr. Carmelita M. Felisilda, Director, Evaluation and Accreditation Office and Chair, University Review and Evaluation Committee for NBC 461.

The confirmation is contained in PASUC report on the matter dated May 18, 2010 to WMSU President Dr. Grace J. Rebollos.

The successful candidates and their respective ranks are: Professor VI – Dr. Emilie C. Enriquez, Dr. Ederlinda M. Fernandez and Dr. Florentina C. Lim; Professor V – Dr. Sulayman Amilasan, Dr. Carmelita M. Felisilda and Dr. Milabel E. Ho; Professor IV – Dr. Araceli A. Lim and Dr. Roberto B. Torres; Professor III – Dr. Bagian Aleyssa A. Abdulkarim, Prof. Emerita T. Basilio and Prof. Norma C. Conti; Professor II – Engr. Ilde B. Deloria, Dr. Felicitas F. Falcatan, Dr. Socorro Rebecca B. Felonia, Dr. Teresita A. Narvaez, Dr. Jocelyn P. Pedroso, and Dr. Chona Q. Sarmiento; Professor I – Dr. Rufina A. Cruz, Dr. Vivian R. Molina and Prof. Ma. Concepcion B. Undag.

The 20 professors applied for accreditation after they had satisfied the requirements for the Common Criteria for Evaluation (CCE) and the Qualitative Contribution Evaluation (QCE) based on the 3rd cycle print-out released by the NBC Zonal Computer Center based in the Jose Rizal Memorial State University in Dapitan City, Dr. Felisilda informed.

Dr. Felisilda revealed that the applicants underwent a grueling battery of interviews with the five-man accreditation panel at the regional level which was composed of five other SUC presidents in Region IX. They also took a written examination.

The National Accreditation Committee which is composed of three SUC presidents in the National Capital Region designated by the PASUC president did the final evaluation and confirmation.

According to Dr. Felisilda, accreditation is a pre-requisite to promotion and appointment of all faculties who are candidates to the rank of full-fledged professor. Hence, all faculties who qualified as professor in the 3rd cycle evaluation had to apply for accreditation before they can be issued their appointment as promoted, she declared.

The University Human Resource Management Office is now preparing the appointments of the accredited professors. A special plantilla will likewise be submitted to the Department of Budget and Management for post-audit per PASUC memorandum dated January 13, 2006. (Ms. Evelyn C. LuceƱo)