College of Forestry and Environmental Studies


  1. To educate professionals with knowledge on promoting
    environmental awareness and advocacy;
  2. To produce well-trained professionals in the fields of forestry,
    agroforestry and environmental science, skilled on related technologies; and
  3. To develop professionals imbued with values in conservation,
    protection and management of the environment and natural
    resources in the context of sustainable development.


Bachelor of Science in FORESTRY

a. Conduct comprehensive assessment and accounting of forest
ecosystem services and resources and social processes using ICT
and related tools and methods.
b. Assess climate change impacts, risks and vulnerabilities, and to
prepare climate change adaptation, mitigation and disaster risk
reduction plan.

c. Formulate, package, implement, and evaluate forest management-
related research, development and extension programs, projects

and policies.
d. Interpret, assess and formulate forest related policies and laws.
e. Use IT and other traditional and modern tools, approaches and methods
in problem-solving, planning, management and other management

Bachelor of Science in AGROFORESTRY

a. Prepare feasibility studies and specifications for the production,
harvesting, processing, utilization and marketing of woody
perennials and agroforestry crops/animals for multiple products
and services;
b. Develop comprehensive management plans with a step-by-step
timeline plans with recommendations on appropriate species and
c. Plan and implement agroforestry nurseries including seed orchards
following prescribed specifications; and
d. Conduct agroforestry research, extension, and development
projects, and trainings.

Bachelor of Science in ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE

a. Equip professionals with sufficient theories and techniques needed
to monitor and understand environmental quality
b. Integrate and apply the various disciplines towards the
understanding of environmental problems
c. Knowledgeable on relevant local, regional and global environmental
d. Employ rational structured approaches in solving environmental