College of Medicine

College Vision

The University of choice for Medical Education that produces globally competitive physicians who are socially responsive in the delivery of health literacy and services that are people-focused and are sensitive to the socio-cultural differences in the region.

College Mission

The Western Mindanao State University – College of Medicine, set in a culturally diverse environment, shall pursue a vibrant health agenda that include:

  1. A relevant medical curriculum for medical students to become competent and ethical providers of healthcare.
  1. A center for development of physicians who are socially responsive and key players in the implementation of universal health care.
  1. A framework that fosters intellectual formation that generates health solutions through research.
  1. A hub for community empowerment through relevant extension services addressing social determinants affecting health.    

Goal of the WMSU MD Program

The goal of the WMSU MD Program is to produce medical doctors who are:

  1. Attuned to the scientific and technological developments at the local, national and global scenarios that are relevant to environmental and population health, bio-security and disaster risk reduction and management; 
  1. Responsive to the holistic needs of individuals, families, population groups and communities with diverse socio-cultural backgrounds;
  2. Adaptable and able to manage different health care delivery settings;
  1. Equipped with communication, relational and collaborative skills for inter-professional and inter-agency undertakings in health;
  1. Actively involved in their advancement professionally, ethically and personally. 
Program Outcomes
Demonstrate clinical competence
Communicate effectively
Lead and manage health care teams
Engage in research activities
Collaborate  within inter-professional teams
Utilize systems-based approach to healthcare
Engage in continuing personal and professional development
Adhere to ethical, professional and legal standards.
Demonstrate nationalism, internationalism and dedication to service
Practice the principles of social accountability