CCE holds COS orientation Colloquium
August 22, 2016

The new contract of service (COS) Administrative Personnel of this University have successfully undergone a whole-day orientation on the duties, rules and provisions last August 11, 2016 conducted by the Center for Continuing Education.

The orientation aims to educate the new WMSU COS on the University Policies and the guidelines to better serve the public, to develop organizational and personal excellence and build a sense of integrity and commitment.
In welcoming the participants and guests present, CCE Director Dr. Claire A. Madrazo shared an old maxim that says “True men honor contracts.” She also reminded participants to keep an open mind and an open heart in the entirety of the orientation as it also aims to discuss legal concerns and virtues on how to be an effective public servant.

A talk on the Duties of the COS Administrative Personnel was shared by Ms Ma. Teresita J. Rodriguez, University Human Resource Management Officer. In line with the upcoming visit of the Civil Service Commission representatives for the University’s Prime HRM application, she shared her office’s function in the University-not just mere hiring and firing as others perceived.

She focused her talk on the functions, prohibitions, rights and privileges of the employees. She warned those who fond of cheating in terms of the attendance and time corruption. “Though our system is still imperfect, we should not cheat” said Ms Rodriguez.
She also discussed the benefits and privileges enjoyed once an employee gets an item or an entitled to a regular position in the University. “You can only enjoy these benefits once you are an eligible regular employee,” she emphasized.

A smile is said to be contagious as it is able to lighten up someone’s day and rapport trust and comfortability between the client and the public servant, Ms Rodriguez thus urges every employee to give a smile whenever doing transactions and to follow the provisions under the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA).
Matters regarding fiscal compensations and benefits were tackled by Ms Ma. Lourdes B. Alba during the second session of the seminar.

In her talk, she cleared out the reason why contract of service personnel are required to punch in and out upon arriving and leaving and are required to work eight hours a day, equivalent to 40 hours a week although not covered by the Civil Service Law. “Because you are not paid by piece of work, you are paid monthly. So you are required to log in and log out in accordance with the University policy,” said she. COS are subjected to no work, no pay policy. But in the exigency of the service, COS may be requested to report beyond the 40 hours requirement.