Mayor Urges WMSU Grads to Work for City’s Welfare and Growth
March 31, 2006

MAYOR Celso Lobregat exhorted the graduates of Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) to devote the excellent education they obtained from the institution to serve the city and nation even as he praised and congratulated their parents and teachers for their years of hard work to educate them.

Addressing the second batch in this year’s graduation ceremonies held today, Friday, at the WMSU gymnasium, Lobregat also took the opportunity to thank the city’s residents for their donations to help the victims of the massive fire that hit Camino Nuevo barangay last week. He said the people’s overwhelming response manifested the charitable and humanitarian spirity of the city’s residents.

He urged the graduates to work for the welfare of the people and the development of the city. He also congratulated WMSU President Dr. Eldigario Gonzales for the various reforms and improvments he has implemented since he assumed the helm of the school nine years ago.

During the first batch’s graduation exercises last Wednesday, guest speaker Judge Eric Elumba challenged the graduates to “rise to your responsibility to give something back to your community of what you have been given (as students) if you are to make the most of your life and the opportunities you have been given.”

“As the years pass,” he said, “your generation will be judged and you will begin to judge yourselves not only on what you do for yourself and your family, but on the contributions you make to others.”

“It is only when you empower others with opportunities that a better world for us and our children will take shape,” said the presiding judge of the Regional Trial Court in the city.

He also told the graduates: “In this era engulfed by the phenomenon of rapid technological development and globalization, the country’s hope to achieve a competitive edge in the global market heavily rests on you, the young professionals. The challenges in the high competitive globalized setting require that your skills be used not only to grapple with the present but to predict future trends so that you may direct your creativity towards a direction that is relevant.”

Some 1,700 students graduated this year from the university’s 13 colleges and two institutes, excluding the 15 external studies units located in the region’s provinces. The university has over 18,000 enrollees.

The graduation theme, “Graduates 2006: Sustaining a Century-old Tradition of Excellence,” underscores the university’s observance of its centennial year. (Rey-Ruiz Banagudos / PAO-WMSU)