In 1978, Western Mindanao State University launched the Research Journal (ISSN 0115-6454) as multidisciplinary print journal in order to provide faculty and student researchers an avenue to share their scholarly researches. Western Mindanao State University as publisher envisioned the Research Journal (RJ) to be a safe harbor for researchers, academicians, and professionals to explore and publish scholarly information.

Over the past years, WMSU Research Journal remains multidisciplinary with two issues per volume published every year until 2014. Starting from 2015, the frequency of publication has changed to annually. In 2016, WMSU Research Journal undergone another change in order to provide a better conduit for authors to be cited. Amongst the major changes include the online publication of articles through its newest website, and the niche (aims and scope). Since then, WMSU RJ publishes one volume of research articles that are related to science, engineering, and technology annually. With these major changes, a new journal title was proposed last October 24, 2018 during the 2nd Research Council Meeting where the approved title was "Ciencia" to replace the former journal name "WMSU Research Journal".  

Our mission is to have WMSU Research Journal indexed in the leading providers of research databases, e-journals, online digital library, and online directory. Currently, WMSU RJ is indexed in Philippine E-journals under the C & E Open Access License to Publish Agreement.


The Research Council has approved the change of the journal name from “Research Journal” to “Ciencia” during the 2nd Research Council Meeting last October 24, 2018 with the following rationale:

  • The National Library of the Philippines (NLP) certification reflects that the publication title is registered as “Research Journal” only and not as WMSU Research Journal;
  • Major changes have taken place: change of niche from multi-disciplinary to science and technology scope; change of frequency from semi-annual to annual and coming up of Online Journal System (OJS).
  • One of the key aspects of a journal is its title. The title is its brand name, its identity, and carries many important factors for the journal usage within the research community which includes identification of content, approach and likely quality of its papers.

With this move, we have already applied for a new International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) separately for both print (2704-2758) and online publication form (2704-2766).

Ciencia is now indexed in Philippine E-Journals (PEJ) under the C & E Open Access License to Publish Agreement and gearing towards Asian Citation Index (ACI) and CHED-JIP application; however, two issues are needed (2018-2019) with international contributions. We are now ready for the 2018 issue.

Tue Jul 23 2019 9:06 AM (Asia/Manila)

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Title: Ciencia (formerly WMSU Research Journal)
Volume: Vol 37
Editorial Board: 8297Editorial Board (2018).pdf
Date: December 2018
Title(s): Charcoal Briquettes Manufactured from Dried Mango Leaves (DML)– An Alternative Solid Fuel Source
Author(s): Sarah R. Ycaza and Juanita T. Barre
Discipline: Chemistry
College: College of Science and Mathematics
Keyword(s): carbonization, calorific value, friability, briquettes, Zamboanga Peninsula
No. of Downloads: 1376
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Title(s): Determinants of Betel Quid Chewing: Implication for Oral Health Education Program
Author(s): Satra B. Mawali, Nur-Albima A. Buddahim, Fatima Ayesha J. Hassan, Sheila Afiza S. Danial, Jeehan S.
Discipline: Health Science
College: College of Nursing
Keyword(s): betel quid, oral health, determinants, habit, peer pressure
No. of Downloads: 244
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Title(s): Optimization of Oil Yield Extracted from Sardines (Sardinella longinecips) Solid Wastes
Author(s): Sheene Krishia D. Valdez & Rivera B. Aliponga
Discipline: Food Science/Waste Management
College: College of Home Economics/College of Agriculture
Keyword(s): waste management, fish oil yield, sardines fish, wet rendering method, Zamboanga City
No. of Downloads: 292
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Title(s): Abundance and Distribution of Sea Cucumbers in Barangay Semut, Basilan Province, Philippines
Author(s): Benjamin H. Jaafar, Arianna G. Salapuddin and Evanel Paz P. Quilala
Discipline: Fisheries
College: College of Science and Mathematics
Keyword(s): abundance, distribution, sea cucumber, canonical correspondence analysis, Basilan
No. of Downloads: 317
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Title(s): Morphometric Analysis of Rice Black Bug, Scotinophara spp. in Selected Areas in Lanao del Norte, Philippines
Author(s): Demi Antoinette B. Jacomilla, Eleanor C. Radaza & Jocelyn O. Pattuinan
Discipline: Crop Science
College: Department of Biology, Philippine Science High School
Keyword(s): Scotinophora spp., geometric morphometrics, variation
No. of Downloads: 199
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Title(s): Microbial Analysis of Fresh Miki Noodles Sold in Selected Stalls in Zamboanga City Public Market
Author(s): Princess Aljoy S. Almazar, Jolindamey E. Fernando & Izar U. Laput & Genelyn G. Madjos
Discipline: Microbiology
College: College of Science and Mathematics
Keyword(s): food handling, Salmonella sp., Staphylococcus aureus, 3M Petrifilms, Zamboanga City
No. of Downloads: 194
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Title(s): A Ceramic Water Filter formed by Starch Consolidation
Author(s): Roselle Mae M. Menchavez, Jan Mellrick D. Dugenio & Anwar Zeus S. Pattuinan
Discipline: Physics
College: Department of Physics, Philippine Science High School System
Keyword(s): filtration media, start consolidation, ceramic water filter, flow rate, viscosity
No. of Downloads: 163
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Title(s): Selected Biomarkers from Oil Palm-Ganoderma Infected Tissues for Detection of Basal Stem Rot Disease
Author(s): Guo Yu & Khim Phin Chong
Discipline: Natural Science (Agriculture)
College: Science and Natural Resources, Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Keyword(s): oil palm, Ganoderma spp, dodecanoic acid methyl ester, 9-Octadecenoic acid (Z) methyl ester and Methyl stearate
No. of Downloads: 266
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