Six TRC Reviewees Surmounts CSC Exam
July 5, 2006

The recent Civil Service Examination done in April 2006 has been a successful test run for the Review Porgram conducted by the Training and Review Center of the University for the purpose. Seven reviewees made it in the exam with TRC hitting an average passing rate of 17.14% against the Region’s 5.61%.

Among the successful reviewees are: Joel Sacro (83.24%), Julmarino H. Rainu (82.97%), Maryam Lukman (82.97%), Rochelle Cambonga (82.43%), Liezel San Agustin Gara (82.16%), Kenneth Antonio (80%).

The Civil Service Examination has been reputed to have grown to be a tough one in recent years as the Civil Service Commission has tightened grips on the hiring of new government employees and with the new reorganization of the goverhment bureaucracy with the issuance of E.O. 366.

The TRC Review Program for Civil Service Examination was an extensive and intensive class that lated for 5 weks covering various subject areas as Quantitative and Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Abililities in English and Filipino, Philippine Constitution and General Information (Laws, Current Event, Environmental Education, etc.).

Top-caliber reviewers from the Faculty of the University provided the backbone of the program relying on expertise and experience in other review programs and lectures: Dr. Tereita Ragos (Filipino), Dr. Consuelo P. Sacro (Mathematical Computations), Dr. Belinda V. Belisario (Problem Solving), Profesor Josefina Mendoza (English), Prof. Jofre Rasul (Philippine Constitution, Current Events), and Engr. Albeus Sarthou (Newly Enacted Laws and Environmental Isues).

The Training and Review Center has scheduled for this year another batch of review for the October 22, 2006 CSC Examination. The review is scheduled on September 9 to October 15, 2006. Registration is on-going at the TRC, Executive Bldg., WMSU main campus.