WMSU President is TOMP 2017 awardee
January 31, 2017

Students’ Actions Vital to the Environment and  Mother Earth (SAVE ME) Movement awards Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) lady president Dr. Milabel Enriquez-Ho as one of the Ten Outstanding Movers of the Philippines (TOMP) Champion of Life, Heroes of the Environment for her proactive efforts in maintaining and sustaining a clean and green environment in the University.

As a steward of the environment, the Conservation of Energy and Natural Resources is among Dr. Ho’s 10-point agenda thus protecting and sustaining the healthy environment in the University.

TOMP seeks to recognize the exemplary contributions of individuals from all walks of life who whole-heartedly contributed to the defense, promotion and preservation of life. Thus, TOPM awards and recognizes individuals who made notable contributions in line with their advocacy in preserving and sustaining life including life giving and enhancing elements of the environment- the land, water and air.

The said competition is open for members and non-members of the Movement, individual or group. The search aims to inspire and motivate the members of the society to engage actively in environmental issues on personal and professional levels.

Among the Dr. Ho’s best practices in environmental conservation and mitigating Climate Change, in collaboration with the University Special Programs & Projects Office (SPPO),  includes the “No Smoking, No Soda, No Plastic and No Styro Policy” duly observed in the University, also to include the “Proper Segregation and Proper Waste Disposal” and the “Adopt an Estero Program”. The ““Adopt an Estero Program” is a project initiated by the Environmental Engineering Department of the College of Engineering headed by their Department Head, Dr. Jihan H. Adil in consonance with the University’s environmental conservation advocacy.

During her leadership, together with the collaborative efforts of the administration, WMSU College of Forestry and Environmental Studies was accorded as Center of Development in forestry in recognition of its efforts to preserve and sustain the 1,227 hectares of land under its custody in Barangay La Paz now called La Paz Experimental Forest.

The University recently gained recognitions in its efforts to keep a clean and green environment. In 2015, WMSU was hailed as the Regional Champion in the Search for the Sustainable and Eco-friendly School and the Nestle Water Leadership for the University’s stewardship of its campus and natural resource holdings and the discharge of its fourfold functions of instruction, research, extension and production as an institution that is engaged in education for sustainable development. The project was spearheaded by SPPO through its director Dr. Gloria G. Florendo

Upholding the virtues as one protector of the environment, as a mother, and as a nurse, Dr. Ho commits to do more projects cater to the needs, conservation and development of a healthy regional ecology.

The awarding ceremony was held last January 27-29, 2017 during the 9th Convention of the SAVE ME Movement at the Boracay EcoVillage Resort and Convention Center. The award is given in time of the celebration of the anniversary of the SAVE ME Movement.

Together with the Prexy during the momentous ceremony were Special Programs and Projects Office (SPPO) Director Dr. Gloria G. Florendo, SPPO Assistant Director, Department of Environmental Engineering Head and TOMP 2015 awardee Dr. Jihan Hashim-Adil, and WMSU National Service Training Program Director, Dr. Felixberto C. Labastilla.

(Ella Dee Cruz-PAO,WMSU)