UNESCO awards WMSU President as Outstanding Educator
October 27, 2018

“Be a problem-solver, be a peace-builder”.  A favorite quote being used by Dr. Milabel Enriquez-Ho whenever she gives a message in any peace building activity.  A prime-mover of peace building motivated by service, Dr. Milabel Enriquez-Ho, the President of the Western Mindanao State University was awarded as One of the Outstanding UNESCO Club Educators during the Y4U 2018. Dr. Ho is a nurse-educator who has spent almost four decades in government service serving the people of Zamboanga City located in Zamboanga Peninsula and assumed the presidency in 2012. Because she believes that peace education is transformative, her commitment to peace building inspired her to bring the peace education in the different communities thru its academic programs, making sure that the marginalized sector is given opportunities where they can nurture peace and have that sense of a community. Its peace education program centers on activities that promote the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will help people either to prevent the occurrence of conflict, resolve conflicts peacefully, or create social conditions conducive to peace.

Thru her leadership, the Peace and Human Security Institute which is the first peace institute in Western Mindanao and under her office, has soared high, making its presence more felt in the outside community by providing peace education, training and advocacy in partnership with other stakeholders in peace building and remains to be one of the most sought-after peace educators in the region.

The Peace and Human Security Institute was vital for the formation of the Peace Mediators Club, the first to be accredited in Western Mindanao by the National Association of UNESCO Clubs in the Philippines.

As President of the University, Dr. Ho has been very supportive of UNESCO goals that facilitated the attendance of the Peace Mediators Club in the annual assembly of UNESCO Clubs in the Philippines. She supports all its endeavors especially on peace building activities, be it in the university or outside the university. (Ludivina Dekit, PHSI)