WMSU Adopts no soda policy
June 11, 2015

Effective first semester of school year 2015-2016, the Western Mindanao State University officially implements Memorandum Order 000441 series of 2015 otherwise known as the “No Styrofoam, No Plastic, and No Carbonated Drinks” policy of this University.

The University totally bans the selling of any soft drinks and carbonated drinks within the campus and prohibits the use of plastic and Styrofoam in any forms. This order does not only concern the store owners but also the students, faculty and parents.

The Memorandum Order is in line with the Senate House Bill number 40201 or the Healthy Beverage Options Act of 2014 prohibiting the sale of carbonated drinks in schools and House Bill number 2676,an act prohibiting the use of Styrofoam and other synthetic materials that are harmful to the environment in all food service establishments in all educational institutions and for other purposes.

The Healthy Beverage Options Act of 2014 does not only ban soft drinks but also punches, iced teas and fruit drinks with less 50 % real fruit juice and drinks containing caffeine excluding low-fat or fat-free chocolate milk. The bill also requires the schools to include information drive against the harmful effects of consuming unhealthy food and drinks in the curriculum.

In the same vein, the House Bill order 2676 seeks to promote a clean and green environment by minimizing the use of ecologically harmful synthetic materials, components, ingredients or packaging of consumer products. Plastics and styrofoams are included in the topmost solid wastes that greatly contribute to the climate change problem we are facing today.

Existing contracts on the sale of existing soft drinks in the University are no longer renewable upon expiration.–(Ella Dee Cruz- PAO, WMSU)