WMSU-CHE Holds Home Mgt., Food Preservation Seminar
May 22, 2010

In line with the extension services mandate of the Western Mindanao State University, some students of Master of Arts in Home Economics reached out to young mothers, students, teachers and others from various communities through the conduct of a seminar-workshop on basic home making and food preservation held on May 15 at the College of Home Economics (CHE) compound, WMSU campus, this city.

Led by Dr. Chester B. Coronel, subject professor, the graduate students shared their skills and knowledge that greatly inspired the participants to go into small-scale entrepreneurship.

Alnahar S. Kunting’s malunggay candy-making, which was her undergraduate research, was very interesting. The product, aside from being tasty was at the same time very nutritious.

On the other hand, Ma. Lyn C. Torres’ mango puree making demonstration captured the imagination of those present. The ingredients are readily available and not costly, and the process is very easy to follow and enjoyable. The product itself was tasty.

Meanwhile, Ma. Ria Divina R. Cabanlit and Michelle Ann B. Rodrigo oriented the participants on food and beverage service. The session was eye-opening for everyone especially in terms of the intricacies on the proper way of using various silverwares; wine mixing; table setting and the like.

Roderick G. Gonzales and Jocelyn I. Fabian, likewise, shared their expertise in turning otherwise waste paper into exciting fancy give-aways.

Lending pizzazz to the very successful event was Michelle Adas who gave the energizers. Mr. Louie B. Aguilar was the main facilitator.

Prof. Teresita Kanindot, head of the graduate studies of CHE and Dr. Chester Coronel, chair of the graduate studies, College of Social Work and Community Development, lauded the very successful activity initiated by the CHE graduate students. (Evelyn C. Luceno)