WMSU To Stage Double Fiesta Pilar Treats
October 3, 2005

WESTERN Mindanao State University (WMSU) will join the city in celebrating the fiesta Pilar by staging two multi-media song and dance shows at the Fort Pilar museum grounds on October 8 and 16.

Its ”Hola Zamboanga” blast on October 8 will be a multi-media symphony of music, dances, fashions show and live bands numbers, WMSU Special Projects Coordinator John Magno said. The show will be co- sponsored by the City Tourism Office.

It will feature folk songs of Tausug, Subanen and Samal Tribes as well as Castillan Chavacano hymns and ditties. The music will be accentuates by a fashion show and dances, and vice versa.

The show will have a second staging in the same venue as “Canciones de Zamboanga: Un Festividad de Musica Para Paz” on October 18, Magno said. This second presentation will be co-sponsored by the Department of Tourism and the Zamboanga Music And Arts Learning Center. The project is funded by the National Commission for Culture and Arts.

“Hola Zamboanga” and “Canciones de Zamboanga”: Project Consultants- Dr. Eldigario Gonzales- WMSU President, Prof Clemencio Bascar- WMSU Vice President for Corporate Affairs; Project Director- John Magno; Music Director- Virginia Angelita Constantinopla; Music Consultant- Melvir Ausente; member, Philippine Madrigal Singers; Technical Director- Engr. Conception Remoroza; Multi-Media Specialists- Patricia Alibasa; Documentor- Ronald Fernando; Project Assistant- Prof. Myrna Cabato; Conductor/Choir Master- Maricris Ong; Choir- Zamboanga Hermosa Chorale- Rodel Magduga. (PAO-WMSU Press Release)