Enhancing Resource Generation efforts through Benchmarking Visits
September 19, 2023
The Office of the Vice-President for Resource Generation led by Dr. Fredelino M. San Juan, conducted a benchmarking initiative with the aim of enhancing the resource generation efforts of Western Mindanao State University (WMSU). This activity took place at two distinct locations: Central Mindanao University (CMU) in Musuan, Maramag, Bukidnon, from August 22 to 23, 2023, and Midtown Printing Corporation in Davao City on August 24, 2023.
Upon their arrival at CMU, Dr. San Juan, alongside Asst. Prof. Maria Dolores J. Macrohon, the Director for Auxiliary Services, and Asso. Prof. Joel C. Macasinag, the Asst. Manager of the University Press, received a warm welcome from Dr. Reynaldo L. Intong, the Vice-President for Resource Generation and Management Office (RGMO). Present at the welcoming were various heads and directors of different RGMO units of CMU. This introduction and orientation occurred at the University’s Homestay Conference room, where Dr. Intong provided an overview of each unit’s functions. Additionally, Dr. Marivic Lazar, the Director of CMU’s University Homestay, responded to Asst. Prof. Macrohon’s inquiries regarding CMU’s catering services operations.
The Director of CMU’s Tourism Office, Dr. Annie Fritce Aballe, and Miss Jhollybee Lofranco, guided the group through a tour of CMU’s resource generation units and other offices from August 22 to 23. The tour included stops at the Rambutan Farm, College of Home Economics, Gender and Development Office, Forest Resource Enterprise Office, Enterprise Management Office, and CMU Press. During these visits, the office heads shared the history of their respective units, explained their operational systems, highlighted best practices, discussed daily operational challenges, and showcased their facilities.
Subsequently, the group proceeded to Davao City and visited Midtown Printing Company on August 24, 2023. Ms. Esther Li, the Manager of Midtown Printing Company, extended a warm welcome and conducted a tour of the Pre-Press Department. She detailed the department’s role in activities such as layout, editing, and post-editing before materials were sent to the Press Department.
Following the Pre-Press Department tour, the group proceeded to the Press and Post Press Department of the company in Matina, Davao City. Here, they were greeted by Mr. Gabriel B. Atega, the President of Midtown, and his wife. Mr. Atega shared the company’s history, explained its operational processes, highlighted best practices, and discussed challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. He recommended that educational institutions like WMSU invest in Digital Printing Machines, citing their practicality, lower maintenance costs, and long-term sustainability compared to offset machines. Mr. Atega also led a tour of the Press and Post Press departments, showcasing the equipment and facilities used.
Lastly, the group was escorted to the Photography Department of Midtown by Ms. Li. She provided insight into the department’s history and its role in the broader operations of Midtown Printing Company.
These benchmarking visits have provided WMSU-OVPRG with valuable insights and recommendations that will undoubtedly strengthen its resource generation efforts in the future.
CMUs Vice President for Resource Generation and Management Dr. Reynaldo Intong (7th from Left) together with Dr. Fredelino M. San Juan, OIC Vice President for Resource Generation (6th from Left) and their respective staff.

From Left to Right, Midtown Staff, Mr. Macasinag, Dr. San Juan, Ms. Li and Ms. Macrohon at the Pre-Press Department of  Midtown Printing Company, Inc.


From Left to Right, Mrs. Atega, Ms. Li, Mr. Macasinag, Ms. Macrohon, Dr. San Juan and Mr. Gabriel Atega at the Press and Post-Press Department of Midtown Printing Company, Inc., Matina, Davao City.