Letter from the New PASUC President
June 24, 2003

My Dear Colleague:

May I respectfully provide you with a copy of a “vision paper” which is entitled Reinventing SUCs for Globalization: The PASUC Response to Philippine Agenda 21.

Substantially this is, however, in an outline form and shall be expounded in detail during the presentation of candidates for the PASUC Presidency in our 2003 General Assembly, if given the opportunity to do so.

Meanwhile, it is with utmost humility that I seek your support that together, we can move forward as an association which is composed of highly trained executives in the government bureaucracy and who are expected TO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

I must admit that this Action Plan may not capture your personal views on the issues and concerns of PASUC, but rest assured that policy formulation and the strategies for implementation are subject to a concerted effort of every member which this representation if given the chance to head PASUC, will be most willing to accommodate. A rationale leader adheres to the tenets of good governance and if necessary, to practise leadership by compromise, without sacrificing the general interests of our association.

The experience that I have gained as an active member of PASUC and some of its national committees over the last six years has provided me with the needed impetus to seek the PASUC Presidency – for that needed CHANGE!

May I count on you .

With my highest esteem.
Very truly yours,

Eldigario D. Gonzales, DPA
President, WMSU