Message from the President
July 24, 2009

Western Mindanao State University at 105 is a hallowed institution.

It is hallowed by the vision, dedication and hard work of those who planted the seeds of what is now the premier university in Western Mindanao.

May we savor the sweet fruits of their unselfish endeavors, like nectar in a sieve – the tradition of academic excellence; the profound commitment to community service; the dedication to the preservation and promotion of culture and the arts; the pursuit of researches that impact on people’s lives; the enhancement of skills for entrepreneurship; the promotion of physical fitness and total well-being of its constituents; in short, the transformation of students into responsible adults who have the cutting edge in the world of work as well as the compassion to care for others.

Let us thank the great architect of the universe for having made us part of this great institution of higher learning. May we continue to preserve its integrity without counting the cost.

Happy Anniversary!