Tripatriate CHED-SUC-LGU Proposed to Increase Employment
June 29, 2005

State Universities and Colleges (SUC) perennial graduates are facing unemployment and underemployment problems thus the need for plan of action. Dr. William C. Maderano, CHED executive director said ruing the 5th plenary session of the PASUC general assembly held at the Astoria Hotel in Zamboanga ctiy. He stressed, the challenges for CHED that the marked decrease in employment, capital investment, graduates specializing in farming as professionand of the less profits in agri-business. Thus, the need to strengthen the SUCs in the technology application for poverty alleviation, food production and sustainable development.

The target of this employment provision is the agricultural sector, and its modernization as mandated under R.A. 8435 or “Agricultural and Fisheries Modernization Act of 1997 (AFMA) which is inline with the President’s 10-point agenda on employment provision. The tripatriate collaborative approach will help graduates in agriculture, their parents who own the land, the young farmers alike, to maximize the use of latest researches on agriculture, technological facilities of the government that boost production and marketing. Financial assistance is also at hand through sharing of resources. CHED will provide P1M to each recipient SUC and an LGU counterpart of 50 percent of the amount. Each young farmer beneficiaries shall avail Php 15-20 thousand start up capital. The total budgetary requirement for this project is Php 60M.

The goal of this proposal is to strengthen SUCs to become an “engine of growth” assisted by bureaucratic partners in a memorandum of agreement. Harnessed output and benefits would be the income opportunities for young farmers, parents and the SUC. Upon approval this project will commence this year for a three year period. (Jabeer S. Saymaran, In-House Press Coordinator (IAIS), WMSU)