WMSU hosts regional Women’s Summit 2023
September 19, 2023
The Western Mindanao State University, in collaboration with the Peace and Human Security Institute (WMSU-PHSI) and International Alert Philippines (IAP), hosted the Regional Women’s Summit on June 29-30, 2023.
Dr. Ma Carla Ochotorena, University President, expressed gratitude to the event organizers. While Filipino women excel in various fields such as academics, politics, and legislation, they also face challenges like domestic violence, economic disadvantages, workplace discrimination, exploitation as migrant workers, and displacement due to conflicts. She also stated, “Although the Philippines has made significant strides in closing the gender gap in education and health, we must continue our efforts to ensure a safe environment for all women.”
In her keynote speech, Hon. Sitti Djalia Hataman, Mayor, emphasized the importance of building trust and credibility with the people to lead effectively. She stated, “Leading is challenging if you don’t provide people with a reason to believe.” Mayor Hataman also highlighted that eradicating gender stereotypes among government officials requires investment in education, poverty reduction, and livelihood development, necessitating a comprehensive approach to address root causes, empower individuals, and change societal attitudes and norms.
Asst. Prof. Ludivina B. Dekit, PHSI Director, stressed that the event serves as a platform for meaningful discussions on addressing gender-based violence and formulating policies and strategies to mitigate it.
Prof. Ma. Nieves R. Confesor, one of the speakers, emphasized that gender-based violence extends beyond physical abuse, adversely affecting women’s lives and disempowering them. She stressed the importance of educating people about gender-based violence and the need to address this issue to ensure everyone’s safety and protection.
The summit featured in-depth discussions and examinations of various aspects of GBV data, exploring different methodologies and proxy indicators to facilitate evidence-based monitoring and enhance understanding of the links between GBV and other causes of violence. The event also showcased best practices at the community level, highlighting local mechanisms that effectively address women’s issues. Additionally, the event promoted innovative solutions that utilize new technology to empower and support vulnerable women.
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