WMSU produces Alcohol for COVID 19 Frontliners
March 28, 2020

WMSU produces Alcohol for COVID 19 Frontliners

The Western Mindanao State University-College of Science and Mathematics (WMSU-CSM) is now producing alcohol hand rubs for the COVID-19 frontline workers in the Zamboanga City Medical Center.

In response to the dwindling supply of alcohol and sanitizing gels in the market because of panic buying in the midst of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the WMSU-CSM’s Chemistry Department, as authorized by the University President Dr. Milabel Enriquez-Ho, led the reformulation of pure alcohol and dilution to get the 70% ethyl alcohol. An initial 60 liters will be given to frontline workers helping to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease.

In action are the faculty and staff of the College of Science and Mathematics headed by its Dean, Dr. Marilou C. Elago; Chemistry Department Head Prof. Damiana Martinez; CSM Faculty Club President Prof. Hja. Amyra Mohammad; WMSU-Institutional Biosafety Committee vice chair Prof. Nerissa Mantilla; other volunteers Alfredo Santos, Pilar Madroñal, Lina Sagaral and Jayson Francisco. All are trained Biosafety Officers of the Western Mindanao Biosafety and Biosecurity Association, Inc. based in Zamboanga City.

This is in consonance to WMSU’s commitment to be “La Universidad para na Comunidad’ amidst the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic which has spread to more than 140 countries across the world including the Philippines. Last week, WMSU also lent its vehicles to be used to ferry frontline workers and others who were affected by the Enhanced Community Quarantine to their respective workplaces. (LMP, WMSU-PAO)

(Photos courtesy of Dr. Marilou C. Elago, CSM Dean)