Funded Research and Projects

WMSU Celebrates Research Excellence at Agency In-House Review for Completed Institutional/Outsourced Research and Development (R&D) Projects

On September 21st, 2023, the Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) College of Teacher Education’s Social Hall became a hub of academic achievement as the annual Agency In-House Review (AIHR) for Completed Institutional/Outsourced Research and Development (R&D) Projects unfolded. This prestigious event brought together researchers, presenters, and a distinguished panel of evaluators to celebrate research excellence at WMSU.

The AIHR served as a platform for researchers to showcase the culmination of their dedication and hard work. Researchers and presenters from various WMSU colleges participated, eager to share their completed Institutional/Outsourced R&D projects. The event was expertly facilitated by the RESEL-RDEC Head Units and staff, ensuring a smooth and informative experience for all participants.

A highly esteemed panel of evaluators, comprised of prominent figures in the research community, judged the presented projects. The panel included experts from both the Agriculture, Forestry, Natural Resources/Science & Technology (AFNR/S&T ) namely: Dr. Synan S. Baguio – Director, DOST-PCAARRD, Dr. Ricardo A. Apolinario III – City Director, DOST-IX, Dr. Rufa Lara Mendez – VP for Research, ZSCMST, and Dr. Leonilo B. Abella – Director, WESMAARRDEC. For the Social Science fields; invited evaluators were Dr. Jason V. Chavez – Research Director, ZPPSU Dr. Robert V. Panaguiton – Faculty, College of Liberal Arts CLA, and Dr. Pilar S. Caparas – Research Coordinator, CLA. Their expertise and experience ensured a rigorous and insightful evaluation process.

After careful deliberation, the panel announced the well-deserved winners of the different categories.

  • Best Paper Research Category (Social Science): Associate Professor Marilyn M. Dioso (College of Teacher Education) for her research titled “Skills and Readiness of General Education Teachers for Inclusive Special Education.” This research delves into a crucial aspect of education, ensuring teachers are equipped to handle the diverse needs of students in inclusive classrooms.
  • Best Paper Research Category (AFNR/S&T): Dr. Marvin A. Maulion (College of Science and Mathematics) for his research on “White Noise Analysis of Particulate Matter in Zamboanga City.” This research tackles a pressing environmental concern, providing valuable insights into air quality within the city.
  • Best Paper Development Category (AFNR/S&T): Engr. Arvic S. Francisco (College of Engineering) for his project titled “DOST-PCAARRD WMSU Agri-Aqua Technology Business Incubator Project Phase 2: Advance Incubation.” This project fosters innovation and entrepreneurship in the agricultural and aquatic sectors, holding immense potential for regional development.

The AIHR not only recognized outstanding research but also showcased the diverse range of R&D initiatives undertaken at WMSU. From social inclusion in education to environmental monitoring and technological advancements in agriculture, the presented projects demonstrate the university’s commitment to tackling real-world challenges and contributing to positive change. The success of the AIHR is a testament to the tireless efforts of WMSU’s researchers, presenters, and the RESEL-RDEC team. It paves the way for continued research excellence at the university, fostering a culture of innovation and discovery that benefits both the local community and the nation as a whole. Congratulations to all the participants and winners!

Western Mindanao State University Launches Graduate Tracer Study to Enhance Alumni Outcomes

Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) is implementing a significant research initiative known as the Graduate Tracer Study. This project aims to comprehensively evaluate the experiences and career trajectories of WMSU alumni. It goes beyond simply measuring employment rates by delving into a multi-faceted analysis of graduate experiences.

The study will assess graduate satisfaction with their WMSU education, encompassing the quality of instruction, program relevance to their chosen fields, and overall preparedness for the workforce.  Researchers will track career paths, examining initial job placements, current positions, and any career transitions undertaken by graduates.

A crucial aspect of the study involves investigating the specific skills and knowledge acquired at WMSU that graduates find most valuable in their careers. This analysis will provide insights into the effectiveness of the current curriculum and identify areas for potential improvement to better equip future graduates. In some cases, the study may incorporate feedback from employers to understand their perspectives on WMSU graduate preparedness and how well their skills align with industry needs.

The findings of this tracer study hold significant value for both WMSU and its alumni. The data will inform the university’s academic programs, allowing for curriculum adaptations to ensure students are equipped with the skills and knowledge demanded by the evolving job market. Insights from the study can guide WMSU in developing targeted career services and support programs to assist graduates in their job search and professional development, ultimately enhancing graduate support. Furthermore, the Graduate Tracer Study can serve as a valuable tool for highlighting WMSU’s success in preparing its graduates for fulfilling careers. By showcasing the positive impact of WMSU education on its alumni’s professional lives, the university can strengthen its reputation and attract prospective students.