Ceremonial Paggunting and Distribution of Birth Certificates for IDP’s held through WMSU-PHSI ( Katar-angan sin Paggunting )
May 16, 2016

It is important that the registered child receive a birth certificate, since it is this that provides permanent, official and visible evidence of a state’s legal recognition of existence as a member of society. Birth certification enables a child to receive medical treatment, go to school, inherent property, prevent child exploitation and find legal assistance due to them.

During the siege, some of the documents of the IDPs either got loss or burned, wherein validation is needed to reproduce these legal documents including birth certificate. While culturally, some of the IDPs ( e.g. Bajau ) doesn’t really register their new born babies nor they record their birth into legal documents like baptismal or birth certificate. These and all, hampered their access to most of the benefits provided to them, thus, the WMSU-PHSI team, through its ECCD project has closely coordinated with Jabo-jabo to address documentation needs.

Jabo – jabo ( The Calling ) is an non-profit organization that facilitates baptismal registration among IPs, duly honored by the National Statistics Office (NSO), National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) and the Local Civil Registry of ZC. The document issued is hereby acknowledged by the 3 mentioned government units as a prerequisite to facilitate legal standard procedure in birth certificate application.

The initiative was identified during the ECCD registration and during sessions that some of the children could not present a legal document like baptismal or birth certificate. As a supplementary activity of the project, a solidarity ceremonial awarding of baptismal document was organized last April 8, 2016, at the Multi-purpose Hall of Masepla 1.

Ust. Jamal S. Mohammad had the opening prayer, followed by welcoming and rationale of the event by WMSU-PHSI Director Dr. Marcelina G. Carpizo. The importance of Baptismal Certificate (Katar-rangan sin Paggunting) was discussed by Mr. Jaafar B. Kimpa, President of Jabu-Jabu (The Calling) Inc.. while Ust. Nasir H. Usman, Al-Hajj officiated the Pagdua’a. Certificates were personally released to 113 IDP youth and children, coming from Masepla 1 (53), Masepla 2 (31) and Masepla 3 (29). The activity was wrapped up by the project’s Info. Management Assistant, Engr Marlon Grande through acknowledging partners/stakeholders.

The main objective of the activity is to advocate for stronger support to ECCD programs/services, were children will be assured with necessary interventions ( e.g. baptismal registration), to retain their interest for learning until they have completed learning session at the DCC, alongside with parents who are active partners in their children’s holistic development.