Prof. Mangubat Launches His Book on the Sulu Sultanate
December 21, 2005

“THIS book should provide an insight on Mindanao’s rich cultural past and its relevance on the country’s political evolution. It is hoped that the commentaries in this book should create sparks of inquisitiveness towards finding solutions to some deep historical traumas in Mindanao history,” Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) )President Dr. Eldigario Gonzales said about Prof. Emmanuel Mangubat’s book entitled “Sulu Sultanate: Its Establishment With Historical, Political and Legal Implication.”

In his speech during the book’s launching at the WMSU executive lobby yesterday (Wednesday, December 21) morning, Dr. Gonzales said the publication will help raise the awareness of local residents and people elsewhere about local history, particularly the Sulu sultanate.

Author Prof. Mangubat said: “The book concerns itself with the historical events that have unfolded and on current issues that I had critically analyzed in terms of their historical, political and legal implications.”

He claimed that “our history as presented in most books is full of errors and distortions that historians must correct…It is the intent of this book to enlighten the minds of students and their next generations. An enlightened mind on history and culture of a country is important for each one of us to overcome our biases and prejudices.”

The two-volume publication is a compilation of Prof. Mangubat’s articles that were printed in his column “Bato-Bato Sa Langit” in local newspapers in the past years. These were articles concerning historical and political issues related to the Sulu sultanate.

In his response, Sulu Paramount Sultan Dr. Ibrahim Bahjin expressed his gratitude to Prof. Mangubat, to whom he had earlier conferred the title of honorary datu, for his writings. The sultan said the articles have helped restore the importance and legitimacy of the kingdom in the eyes of the local population.

In his impressions, lawyer Melchor Sadain said the publication of the book is timely because of the current efforts to rewrite the Constitution and to establish a federal system of government in the country. Federalism has been a consistent theme in Prof. Mangubat’s writings.

In another impression given during the launching, Universidad de Zamboanga President Dr. Archie Eustaquio III said he may make the book required reading for students in his educational institution.

Copies of the book are availabe for sale at P400 per volume at the WMSU Press. (Rey-Luis Banagudos / PAO-WMSU)