[Call for scholarship application]
April 25, 2016

Age : 18+
Type of student : Undergraduate students (in his/her final year) studying the following disciplines are encouraged to apply: ECONOMICS, BUSINESS, MARKETING, COMMUNICATIONS, MEDIA, IT, ENGINEERING or relevant majors in any participating partner University.
Minimum GPA : 1.50-1.60


The Carmudi Scholarship Program will award one (1) hard-working student a sum of P30, 000.00 per semester as well as basic skills to build upon once they have entered the job market through the following activities:
An opportunity to shadow the MD of Carmusi Phulippines for one week, a great opportunity for any student who wants to understand the inner working of a thriving business.

Terms and Conditions
Deadline : MAY 13TH 2016

The applicant should write a 500 word “Letter of Intent” (English) explaining why he/she should be the sole recipient of the scholarship. In addition to this, we require a reference letter from the University stating the applicant’s study program and dates of attendance or a copy of valid student identification card confirming that the student is currently enrolled in a course at the participating University. Send your applications to:

for further information please visit Carmudi website