CN Faculty tackle Nursing Pedagogy Trends and Issues in Research Proposals
June 13, 2015

In order to enhance the quality of Nursing education and the faculty’s teaching competence, the Western Mindanao State of University College of Nursing in collaboration with the Center for Continuing Education initiated a live-in enrichment seminar workshop for the College of Nursing Faculty last May 29-30, 2015 at the Zamboanga Ecozone Freeport.

The 2-day seminar workshop delved into Nursing pedagogical methods, contemporary trends and issues. Six presenters talked on significant Nursing topics for research.

Prof. Filomena G. Demoni, RN, MN and Prof. Clement P. Marraon, RN, MAN discussed the “Emotional Intelligence vis-a’-vis Clinical Performance Among Nursing Students in WMSU”. The study wants to determine the nursing students’ level of clinical performance as to physical care, psychological care and the significant relationship between the nursing student’s level of emotional intelligence and their level of clinical performance.

“The Accessibility and Availability of Quality Health Services among the Elderly in Zamboanga City” is a research presented by the Dean of the College of Nursing, Dr. Nursia M. Barjose. One of the objectives of this study is to explore the barriers and difficulties encountered by the elderly in accessing quality health services.

Dr. Mary Joselyn C. Biong, Associate Dean of the College of Nursing presented “Multiple Intelligences among CN Graduate Students”. One of the objectives includes profiling of multiple intelligences in the graduate program that will significantly impact teaching and learning.

Furthermore, a research proposal on finding out why an elderly man who seemingly lives a normal life commits sexual offenses was proposed by Ms. Paksah B. Manga and Ms. Maria Socorro C. Domingo. The proposed study entitled “Adult Males Behind Bars: A Live Experience” focuses on elderly sex offenders accused of molestation at a later stage in life.

Prof. Hashim N. Alawi Jr., RN, MAN presented a proposal “Tracer Study of BSN Graduates of the Western Mindanao State University from 2000-2012: An Analysis” to determine the relevance, quality, and usefulness of the education and training based on the graduates’ perspectives.

Equally crucial is a topic proposed by Prof. Antonio D. Patino and Prof. Miriam Kanti on “Vulnerability and Competency Assessment as Basis for Disaster Preparedness and Response” to equip Nursing Faculty and students with skills in Disaster Management.

The seminar workshop is intended to generate more challenging research topics and stir the culture of research to invite more researchers in the field of Nursing.