Counselors Urged to Walk Their Talk
February 12, 2011
The participants with the resource persons.

The participants with the resource persons.

“Walk your talk”, thus Dr. Benedicta Lascano, President of the Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association (PGCA) Incorporated, national chapter and head of the guidance and counseling center, University of the Philippines-Diliman, urged fellow counselors. Lascano gave the keynote address during the 13th Annual Guidance Counselors’ Regional Seminar-Workshop held on February 10 to 11 at a local hotel and restaurant, with the theme, “Counselor: Walking The Talk”.

Lascano, who was also one of the resource persons spoke on the topic, “Ethical Standards in Guidance and Counseling Practice”. She challenged the participants to pursue counseling work with passion make known and offer their counseling services to their clientele instead of simply waiting for the latter to come to them. She underscored the guidance counselors’ approachability, a counselor’s trait that cannot be overemphasized. She highlighted the imperative for confidentiality in the counseling practice as a sign of respect for clients.

Professionally, Lascano reminded the counselors that one needs to be a registered guidance counselor (RGC) in order to be allowed to do counseling work whether in private or public practice. She hailed those who pursue continuing professional education (CPE). “To continuously equip ourselves with the latest counseling methods and techniques is a moral obligation”, she stressed. “We owe it to our clients”, she added. Lascano also spoke on the topic “Counseling Children with Behavioral Problems”.

Another resource person was Mr. Earnest Tan who is a registered guidance counselor, a freelance practitioner, and a renowned speaker in the academe, religious groups and other circles here and abroad. Tan, who has written a number of books on psychology and counseling, expounded on the topic, “Heart Sense” which is also the title of one of his recent writings. Tan’s session aimed at helping the participants deal with various kinds of emotions in a more reflective, creative, positive and meaningful way. It included skills in naming one’s emotions and identifying their real cause or origin. It offered a way of seeing one’s and other’s emotions with more clarity and objectivity. This is very important, according to Tan, because in counseling, counselors basically deal with the emotions of clients.

The event was spearheaded by the Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association, Inc., Region IX chapter lead by the following officers: Dr. Thelma M. Villanueva,RGC, President; Mrs. Ofelia Amik, RGC,Vice-President; Maria Fe Gadaingan,RGC, and Mrs. Aida Ututalum, External Vice-Presidents; Mrs. Teresita Carbonilla, Secretary; Ms. Glenda Acedo, Assistant Secretary; Mrs. Sendrita del Mundo, RGC, Treasurer; Ms. Melva Adante, Assistant Treasurer; Mrs. Fini Joy Buenafe, RGC, Auditor; Mrs. Clarisa Jaba and Mrs. Faith Floreta, Public Information Officers; and Ms. Helen Cariño and Mrs. Janet Pangilinan, Business Managers.

The Board of Directors is composed of Prof. Ma. Lourdes Delantar, RGC, Dr. Marilyn de Asis, RGC, Mrs. Alma Ybera, RGC, Dr. Patricia Manejero, Dr. Alexandra Sarcon, Prof. Hja. Aida Hajirul and Mrs. Desmona Rosaldo. (Evelyn C. Luceño, PAO-WMSU)