Energy Conservation
energy conservation
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WMSU reinforces energy conservation measures by regulating air conditioning usage from 9am to 4pm
In a renewed effort to prioritize energy conservation and reinforce sustainable practices, Western Mindanao State University is reminding its academic community of the existing policy that governs the use of air conditioning systems within campus facilities. As a part of this policy, air conditioning usage is regulated from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, urging students, faculty, and staff to adopt more eco-friendly alternatives during these hours.
With a steadfast commitment to reducing energy consumption and mitigating its environmental impact, Western Mindanao State University continues to emphasize the significance of responsible energy usage. By reminding members of its academic community about the existing policy, the University aims to create a more sustainable campus environment and promote energy-efficient practices.
Under the current policy, air conditioning units across classrooms, lecture halls, offices, and other campus buildings will be programmed to operate within designated time frames outside the peak hours of 9:00am to 4:00pm. However, certain exceptions will be made for critical areas such as research labs, server rooms, and other spaces where temperature control is crucial for the preservation of equipment and experiments.
The University administration is actively encouraging members of its academic community to explore alternative methods of staying cool during regulated hours. Measures such as opening windows, utilizing natural ventilation, and implementing effective shading techniques are being promoted as viable alternatives to air conditioning during the specified period.
“We believe that fostering a sustainable campus environment is not only our responsibility but also an opportunity to instill important values in our students,” said Dr. Ma. Carla A. s President in a statement. “By reducing our reliance on air conditioning during peak hours, we are taking a proactive step towards energy conservation and environmental stewardship.”
In addition to the regulations, the University is taking steps to raise awareness about energy conservation and sustainable practices through educational campaigns and workshops. Energy-saving tips, such as adjusting thermostats to reasonable temperatures and implementing energy-efficient behaviors, will be shared with the campus community to encourage active participation in reducing energy consumption.
WMSU joins a growing number of educational institutions and organizations worldwide that are adopting measures to promote energy conservation and reduce their carbon footprints. By regulating air conditioning usage, the University is taking a significant stride towards a more sustainable future while encouraging students, faculty, and staff to be mindful of their environmental impact.
The policy serves as a reminder that small changes in every day habits can have a substantial collective impact. As WMSU takes the lead in energy conservation efforts, it is hoped that other institutions and communities will follow suit, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society.