God is Within You!
February 26, 2011
Life coach Dr. Andrei San Agustin

Life coach Dr. Andrei San Agustin

“God is within you”. This was the core of the message of Dr. Andrei San Agustin in his talk on leadership at the College of Law Moot Court on Febuary 24, 2011.

In attendance were academic and non-academic deans, directors, administrative staff and graduates of the Seminar on Holistic Empowerment and Leadership which Dr. Agustin regularly conducts.

Dr. Agustin, who was formally introduced by WMSU President Dr. Grace J. Rebollos, inspired his audience with his sharing on personal empowerment. Paradoxically, he talked of a power that comes from “killing one’s ego” so that every thought, word and action will now come from within where God dwells. Love becomes the life compass that leads one to serve and empower others.

This is the deeper, more authentic meaning of success according to the renowned motivational speaker. Loving others unconditionally; bringing out the best in them; and enabling them to navigate successfully through life on their own. Money cannot buy the feeling of peace and joy that comes from this kind of success, Dr. Andrei said. He therefore urged the teachers to love and nurture their students unconditionally. He also challenged them to be models and sources of inspiration to their students by walking their talk. “Because values are caught, not taught,” he reminded them.

Finally, Dr. Andrei underscored the imperative for each one to be anchored on the power within. This internal guide, he said, will enable one to muster his/her emotions and lead a happy, healthy and fulfilled life a successful life lived in “effortless ease”. To achieve this, Dr. Andrei recommends daily meditation or any form of keeping in touch with the silent space within where genuine peace resides. If one does this regularly, every moment of the day becomes a “Good morning!”, he concluded. (Evelyn C. LuceƱo, PAO-WMSU)