MassCom student wins 2nd in citywide extemporaneous contest
July 30, 2014
Juseph Elas (right) with coach Dr. Expedito "Titus" Malbago (left)

Juseph Elas (right) with coach Dr. Expedito “Titus” Malbago (left)

Juseph Elas, Western Mindanao State University’s (WMSU) representative during the Interschool Extemporaneous Speech Competition held at the Department of Public Works and Highways’ (DPWH) conference hall last June 26 came in 2nd place, bringing recognition for the university.

The senior student of the Mass Communications Department from the College of Communications and Humanities bested universities like the Universidad de Zamboanga (UZ) and Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology (ZSCMST), while Ateneo de Zamboanga came in 1st place.

“A second place finish is not bad. It’s better than nothing, really,” said Elas. “I’m sad because I could’ve done better for the university during the competition.”

Elas was asked about his opinion about the recent CHED memorandum of abolishing the Filipino subject in the tertiary curriculum. His answer went as follows: “We have a new system implemented – the K to 12 – and I believe that the policy enclosed in the system should include the narrowing down of the subjects to those that will only matter. We have to consider what subjects to include in the curriculum that corresponds to a degree because that’s what education is all about. Education should not be an additional burden for us students. It should be a solution. It has to be a strategic plan.

Filipino was already taught in grade school and high school and I feel that it’s redundant to take it up again in college. We have to look forward instead of backwards. I am not degrading the Filipino subject given that we are Filipinos and we need to know how to use our mother-tongue effectively but we have to look forward given that we are trying to standardize the instructions in the Philippines; we are trying to mirror what education in the US and other neighboring countries is. And we can never be fully ready for this if we keep on including subjects in the tertiary level that are unnecessary.”

Elas admitted that he could’ve substantiated more and prepared more if only time wasn’t a constraint. But he is thankful for the supervision and guidance given by Dr. Expedito Malbago in the one week preparation for the competition.

“Elas’ performance for me was fantastic. He just went out of the way with some points but I can honestly say that he did a good job.” Dr. Malbago said and went on. “The judges were impressed that he went straight to answer the question. He hit the head of the nail.” He finished.

Both Elas and Dr. Malbago are happy with the result. For them, to place second is already a blessing. The duo is looking forward for another opportunity to represent the university and is hopeful to bring the bacon home. (CCH Press Release)