MOTUS: A Night of Dances
February 28, 2011

The College of Physical Education Recreation and Sports (CPERS) in partnership with the Jambangan Cultural Dance Company presented a highly commendable and spectacular expression of dancing talent Motus. The event’s title stands for a movement, a motion in Latin. Motus was a night of dances, a showcasing of different dance genres.

Spellbound, the spectators were in every moment stock-still on their seats during the whole course of the performances. The dance concert started off with the Prelude of all the featured dance numbers. It was then followed by a Praise Dance, featuring a risky and breathtaking aerial dance. The aerial dance incorporated a cloth attached to the stage’s ceiling, in which a male dancer executed a fluid’s grace choreography. The aerial dance during the show is a rare performance in the city.

With a variety of genres, the audience never missed on the show’s rich entertainment and quality performances. Swinging from the ethnic Filipino dances to Afrikan-American Hip Hop culture, covering the fusion of Asian dances to a mash-up pop culture. From Broadway adaptations and shifting to dance interpretations of some OPMs (Original Pilipino Music), the show did not run short on how to indulge the restless crowd.

Moreover, the show’s instrumentalists did a great job with its intricate percussion music sustaining the audience’s attention, as if momentarily transporting them in a distant world of our forefathers. The enthusiasm was across the faces of the young and the old alike, they responded with awe and surprise all the same. Indeed, all performances were engaging and worthy of applause.

For the finale, the crowd was mystified by a dance number called Igal Janggay. The latter was a traditional Sama dance. Janggay refers to metal fingernails or claws that the dancers wear on their hands as the sinuous movements of pangalay figures are executed. The dance is the Jambangan’s entry for the Sabah International Folklore Festival this July in Malaysia.

Motus was headed by the CPERS Dean, Elmer M. Labad and Jambangan Cultural Dance Company’s Executive Producer, Ma. Blancaflor Rivera Jimeno. Blancaflor together with Arlene B. Ucol, Nathaniel G. Saavedra, Earl Francis Pasilan and Roberto S. Bondoc Jr. are behind the excellent choreography. Members of the Jambangan Cultural Dance Company, WMSU Jambangan Dance Troupe were the performers for the most part of the show. The show intends to raise funds for the group’s upcoming participation to the Sabah International Folklore Festival.

The exciting performances went event beyond captivating and beguiling the spectators, having such talents in the university made WMSU proud and honored all the more. (Ekeena O. Lim)