Nurturing Future Nightingales
April 11, 2011
Future nightingales. (Photo courtesy of Golden Color Photo)

Future nightingales. (Photo courtesy of Golden Color Photo)

Clad in their immaculate white uniform, 938 candidates for graduation of the College of Nursing (CN) of the Western Mindanao State University (WMSU), this city, proudly marched for the 35th Pinning Ceremony held on April 9 at the Dr. Juanito Bruno gymnasium. Proud parents and guardians too were there to savor the taste of sweet success.

It was a time for jubilation and nostalgia. The future nightingales eagerly marched, looking to a future full of promise and hope. At the same time, leaving the portals of dear alma mater brought back memories of joys relished and lessons learned from pains triumphantly hurdled.

Ms. Franz Chezka Kathrize Ochotorena, gave the response to the inspirational message and challenge posed by the guest speaker. She expressed the graduating students’ deep appreciation for the support and patience of their CN mentors saying, “you are the wind beneath our wings”. She likewise thanked CN Dean, Dr. Gloria Florendo,for believing in her capabilities. With tears in her eyes, she also acknowledged the unconditional love and support of her mother WMSU Dean of Admissions, Dr. Ma. Carla Ochotorena, and of her whole family.

Ochotorena is one of this year’s honor students which include Judith C. Gaan, Arvin Al F. Toribio, Princessmae R. Deloy, Mario T. Tumacmol, Jr., Afreen S. Amerin, Maria Esperanza R. Almonte, Sarah J. Taradji, Charity F. Marquez, Jonnas W. Salvador, Allen Mar M. Jalon, Fatima Nurfaida J. Jandul, Vanessa May H. Alfaro and Annalyn A. Ibrahim.

The Clinical Proficiency awardees are Fran Chezka Kathrize Ochotorena, Gold Medal with Certificate and Afreen S. Amerin, Certificate of Clinical Proficiency.

Ms. Judith C. Gaan led the Exercitus atch 2011 in reciting the Nightingale’s Pledge.

Meanwhile, like a homing pigeon, City Councilor Percival Ramos of the 2nd District of Zamboanga City came back to his alma mater as the event’s guest of honor. Ramos finished his Bachelor of Science in Nursing in WMSU 14 years ago. He thanked his former mentors for having taught him how to love no matter what. He also congratulated the administration and the CN dean and faculty for making WMSU the 9th top ranking nursing school in the country today. To the future nightingales, he posed the challenge of becoming a healing influence in the world by practicing love and compassion in their work.

University officials who witnessed the ceremony were WMSU President Dr. Grace J. Rebollos; Dr. Felicitas F. Falcatan, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Ma. Carla Ochotorena, Dean of Admissions; and Dr. Gloria Florendo, Dean, College of Nursing.

This year’s Pinning Ceremony carried the theme, “WMSU Graduates: Expanding the Frontiers of Service and Social Responsibility to the Global Community”. (Evelyn C. LuceƱo, PAO/WMSU)