WMSU, CPERS Extend Help to CDO
December 29, 2011

Task Force: Bagyong Sendong…Tulong Mula sa WMSU

The College of Physical Education, Recreation and Sports (CPERS) through the support of Dr. Luningning M. Umar, Al Haj, recently conducted the Task Force: Bagyong Sendong…Tulong Mula sa WMSU at CPERS at Barangay Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro, 28th of December last year.

The worthy cause was made possible in coordination with the Administrative Personnel Association (APA) and the Pastor Bonus Seminary and individuals, as well as groups who generously responded to the call for help to the flood victims.

The CPERS Faculty Club who helped distribute the relief goods were Prof. Gloria A. Villardo, the Service PE Department Heads, Prof. Inocencia E. Rivera, College Secretary-Prof. Alamjavier Indanan with Marvin Guitierrez and Mrs. Lilia A. Saavedra, college staff. The barangay coordinator who facilitated the activity was Mrs. Delia Flores.

The humble gesture of generosity and sharing in the spirit of the Christmas season was CPERS contribution to the university’s thrust serving the community. All the more, the college is very thankful to the Office of the President for supporting the outreach activity, which also served as part of the college’s post-Foundation Day Celebration. (Contributed by: Mr. Leo A. Hermosilla, CPERS College Information Officer)