WMSU Theater Guild Celebrates Wood Anniversary
August 7, 2010
Cast of run-away winner play "Dream On"

Cast of run-away winner play “Dream On”

The University Theater Guild (UTG) celebrated its 10th year founding anniversary with a “thespian gallery” and theatrical acts on August 5 and 6, respectively. The theme was “Sharing Tendencies of Theater Culture: Key to Sustainability and Development.”

At least 45 new recruits walked around the campus, during the gallery, complete with elaborate fantasy costumes and make-up. Each focused on the role he/she was portraying, unmindful of the distractions provided by onlookers. The purpose of the gallery was to expose the thespians to a wider stage or arena and to test their acting ability regardless of the environment or situation they are in.

The following gallery artists were given special recognition: Almadz Khaif Garcia, Jerry A. Alejandria and Alice Dizon for the Most Effective Costume Award; and Cassandra Hairol, Alice Dizon and Jenely Rose Yniego for the Most Effective Character Award.

The closing program in the evening of August 6 featured three competing short plays staged by the new recruits. The showcase is an output of over a month of BITAW (Basic Integrated Theater Acting Workshop). The workshop was conducted by senior theater members among this year’s 45 new recruits, out of 80 applicants.

The play “Dream on,” was a run-away winner. It essayed the travails of neophyte student artists. It was very entertaining and effective as a comedy. Aside from the Best Play Award, it also bagged the following: Most Promising Actor in a Supporting Role: Robertson G. Cometa; Most Promising Director: Caryl Joyce Garpio; Most Promising Actress in a Lead Role: Ma. Eliza Ann E. Mayor; Most Promising Actress in a Supporting Role: Rio Mae F. Pigar.

Mr. Kim Arvi M. Flores was adjudged most promising actor in a lead role. He was very convincing in his portrayal of the role of an emotionally-laden father who lost a child in the play “Three in One Drama”. The third play titled “Memorabilyang Larawan,” was a heavy drama whose actors likewise showed star quality.

Kim Arvi M. Flores (right) emoting in a role that gave him the Most Promising Actor in a Lead Role citation

Kim Arvi M. Flores (right) emoting in a role that gave him the Most Promising
Actor in a Lead Role citation

The play “Karnahan and Peryabal,” which was not part of the competition, showed the senior guild members’ dramatic, singing and dancing skills. These skills had been honed by a series of workshops conducted by no less than the Philippine Experimental Theater Association, Inc. (PETA) as well as by respected luminaries in Philippine theater arts like Peque Gallaga, Nestor Horfilla, Rudy Reveche, Erick de Castro and Arman Sta. Ana.

In an inspiring message, Dr. Roberto B. Torres, Director, Office of Culture and the Arts (OCTA) and UTG founder and moderator, congratulated the senior members for their sheer determination and deep love for the theater that made them persevere through trying times. He also commended them for having loved and polished their craft so well. He likewise marveled at the display of talents by the new members.

Dr. Torres thanked profoundly the WMSU administration, particularly WMSU President Dr. Grace J. Rebollos, who is herself an artist, for her full support to the UTG and other OCTA pursuits. The UTG was formed on July 27, 2000 as OCTA responded to the challenge posed by then WMSU President Eldigario Gonzales. (Evelyn C. LuceƱo, PAO-WMSU)