NegoCom AgriTek Extension Program

The College of Liberal Arts through its Mass Communication Department has officially launched the NegoCom AgriTek Extension Program, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering local communities and promoting sustainable livelihood options. The program, which was officially unveiled through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing on August 23, 2023 at the OP Conference Room, holds the promise of enhancing the quality of life for ZamboangueƱos.

The NegoCom AgriTek Extension Program is strategically aligned with the University’s 2023-2027 plan and its commitment to governance, research extension services, and external linkages. It is a partnership between the Department of Extension Services and Community Development, Agri-aqua Technology Business Incubation Unit and WESMAARRDEC. At its core, the project aims to bolster the promotion of Technology Business Incubation (TBI) research projects in Barangay San Roque and Barangay. Tugbungan. These projects are envisioned to be accessible small-scale agricultural enterprises that cater to the financial capabilities of the local population. By increasing public awareness of these initiatives, the University hopes to ensure the sustainability of these projects and stimulate socio-economic mobility in selected barangays where the TBIs are being introduced.

The NegoCom AgriTek Extension Program introduces an innovative approach to spreading awareness and knowledge. It takes the form of a one-hour online teleradyo program that will air once a week. This media platform is designed to elevate public awareness regarding opportunities that can enhance livelihoods and overall quality of life. By leveraging this media intervention, the College of Liberal Arts aims to serve as an economic mobility multiplier, promoting self-generating livelihood options that are within the economic means of the local communities in Zamboanga City.

The project is strongly anchored in the Philippine’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a particular focus on “zero hunger” and “decent work and economic growth.” NegoCom AgriTek is poised to contribute significantly to these goals by fostering local economic development and providing avenues for decent employment within the agricultural sector. In conclusion, the NegoCom AgriTek Extension Program represents a promising step towards community empowerment and sustainable growth in Zamboanga City. By bridging the gap between research-based TBIs and local communities, this initiative holds the potential to transform livelihoods, reduce poverty, and contribute to the realization of the SDGs. The College of Liberal Arts, along with its partners, is committed to ensuring the success of this project and its positive impact on the lives of ZamboangueƱos.