Academic Deans

Dr. Jocelyn P. Pedroso
Dean, College of Agriculture

Arch. Domingo A. Abarro III
Dean, College of Architecture

Dr. Kamarodin A. Abdulkarim
OIC-Dean, College of Asian & Islamic Studies

Dr. Adrian P. Semorlan
Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Mr. Jiemar Arabani
OIC-Dean, College of Criminology

Dr. Nolan S. Iglesia
Dean, College of Teacher Education

Dr. Roberto M. Sala
Dean, College of Engineering & Technology

Dr. Fredelino M. San Juan
Dean, College of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Dr. Lucia M. Santos
Dean, College of Home Economics

Atty. Eduardo F. Sanson
Dean, College of Law

Dr. Nursia M. Barjose
Dean, College of Nursing

Dr. Frede G. Moreno

Dr. Blancaflor R. Jimeno

Dr. Marilou C. Elago
OIC, Dean of the College of Science & Mathematics

Prof. Glory Jean G. Leonin
Dean, College of Social Work & Community Development

Dr. Ricardo A. Somblingo
Dean, External Studies Unit

Dr. Maria Socorro Yvonne H. Ramos
Coordinating Dean for Graduate School & Chair of the College of Teacher Education Graduate School