Active Student Participation in CSWCD Research Forum
November 16, 2010
Students fielding queries during the open forum.

Students fielding queries during the open forum.

Dr. Julieta B. Tendero, Director of the Research Utilization, Production and Information Dissemination (RUPID) under the Office of the Vice President for Research, congratulated the College of Social Work and Community Development (CSWCD) under Dean Prof. Eulyn H. Tangalin, for the active participation of its students in the deliberations during the college research forum held on November 15.

Research works presented were published and unpublished researches conducted by WMSU CSWCD faculty and students. Sponsored by RUPID and the colleges concerned, this regular activity intends to share research information to intended users. It also aims to increase interest in research among faculty and students towards building a research culture in the university.

Dr. Milabel E. Ho, VP for Research, in her inspirational message, challenged the students to take research more seriously considering the growing demand for researchers nationwide.

Dean Tangalin, in her welcome address, underscored the significance of research as manifested in the multifarious amenities and things that we enjoy today which are products of research investigations and discoveries.

Dr. Tendero considered the activity successful as it raised awareness and appreciation, particularly among the students, on the role, function and significance of research in the academic world as well as in communities. The forum afforded CSWCD faculty and students the chance to share results of their research works. She lauded the student-participants for fielding very relevant and analytical questions during the open forum.

Furthermore, the forum served as a venue for students, particularly those who are currently working on their own thesis, to learn from the experiences of the researchers in terms of methodology, style and strategies for research implementation, and the like, Tendero observed.

Research presenters were both CSWCD faculty and students. Dr. Chester B. Coronel’s research titled “Community Development in Partnership with the Academe: An Assessment”, reveals the laudable impact on the community of the involvement of CSWCD students who are on field work in selected underprivileged barangays of Zamboanga City, particularly barangay La Paz. These community improvements include increased employment rate with the introduction of livelihood seminars through the Alternative Learning System (ALS) of the Department of Education (DepEd); and the improvement of the health situation, among others. Dr. Coronel will present the results of this study in a university in Indonesia early next year.

Encouraged by the result of the assessment, Dean Tangalin has included the institutionalization of the La Paz experience through the college’s five-year development plan. This demonstrates how results of researches can aid in policy formulation, decision-making and planning particularly in extension services.

Meanwhile, Prof. Ali Aiyub’s ongoing study is titled “Culture of Dialogue As A Community Organization Paradigm for Peace Building” as practiced by Silsilah Dialogue Movement. The study introduces the reflective method of research which the researcher used together with other data gathering instruments such as the focused group discussion.

Prof. Aiyub said that he is making use of the reflective method as he is a researcher-participant in this project. He lives with the people as he does his research work. He shares with them his own experiences of ethnic and religious conflict. Hence, he too has to examine his deepest thoughts and feelings relative to these experiences. This active participant-researcher role is something novel in what the researcher is doing. After all, Silsilah’s Culture of Dialogue (COD) proposes that in order to effect social transformation, one has to be self-transformed first through reflection and prayer. COD approach underscores internal peace as source and beginning of societal peace.

On the other hand, the student presenters were Emilie Octavio, Laurence Espiritu and Le Samillano for the completed research titled “Awareness of Global Warming Among Students of CSWCD, WMSU” and Russell Agustin for his group’s work on “Assessment of Poverty Situation in Zamboanga City”.

Octavio revealed that as a result of the research they have conducted, the student government of CSWCD will soon implement in the college, some of the global warming mitigation practices recommended in the study.

The forum was made possible through the efforts of CSWCD Dean Prof. Eulyn H. Tangalin, CSWCD Research Coordinator Prof. Emerita Basilio and the faculty, staff and students of the college. (Ms. Evelyn C. LuceƱo)